The One Secret to Wearing Camo

Written by Julie Weinstein

As promised, we’re here today to talk all about one of the biggest fall trends, camo! In fact, every week for the next several weeks we’ll be bringing you the top fall trends along with tips and inspiration on how to wear them. 

What we love so much about camo is how versatile it is. Yes, truly! And while it takes on a utilitarian vibe by nature, we have a secret for how to keep it from looking too masculine.

Our Secret to Wearing Camo

Pair it with something girly! 

It’s a simple way to make camo less utilitarian and more of the moment. 

Below you’ll see the six ways we love to wear camo, each one unique and cool in their own way. 

Six Ideas to Make Camo Feminine

1. Wear it with a dress

Not only will this add an unexpected touch, but it can also help to dress down the entire look. You know all those LBDs in your closet that are, well, simple and basic black dresses? The second you add a camo jacket to them, you’ve instantly changed everything. 

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2. Wear it with a skirt

Similar to wearing it with a dress, camo with a skirt is an easy way to make it a tad more sophisticated of a look. In fact, depending on the skirt and how “bold” the camo is, you can wear this pairing to work. 

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3. Wear it with pink

Think pink when rocking camo! Whether that means wearing a pink skirt with a camo top or a pink ruffle sleeve sweater with camo pants (or pink accessories, as seen above), as soon as you throw pink into the mix, the look becomes much sweeter and more feminine. 

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4. Wear it with sequins

We know you might not initially think of wearing sequins with your camo, but it’s actually a really fun style pairing. It’s totally and completely unexpected, but somehow, it works. The sequins also help to jazz up the entire look in a big way.

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5. Wear it with lace

Like with sequins, lace is typically not the first thing one might think of in terms of what to pair with camo. However, the contrast between the masculine print and the feminine fabric truly works, and we love it. 

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6. Wear it with heels

No matter what you’re wearing, opting for heels over flats is going to elevate the look, and especially when wearing a more masculine piece, such as camo. Next time you’re sporting this print, throw on your heels, and instantly your look will change.

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Take it to the Streets

We’re not the only ones who love this print. Below you’ll find street style shots of some stylish women sporting their camo!



How You Can Wear It

Something we know for sure is that there’s certainly no shortage of camo pieces out there right now. Truly, you can find this beloved print at most retailers and at all price points. Keep on scrolling for some of our current favorites.


In Closing

So, as you can see, camo can easily take you throughout the seasons. And there are so many great ways to wear it. We absolutely adore the juxtaposition of this more “borrowed from the boys” print with “feminine” colors and pieces. It’s fun, it’s fresh, and it’s perfect for fall.

A Few More Things

What’s your favorite way to wear camo? Anything you’re eying from above? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Have a great rest of your day and see you back here in the morning!


Photos by Maritere Rice

Street style shots borrowed from Fashion GumStylecaster, The Stripe, Pinterest, Adorn Yourself Accordingly, The Cut


  1. I like how you demonstrated that camouflage clothing can be stylish, and paired with so many different things, like jeans and heels, pink accessories, or can even be worn casually! I have a friend who is very trendy, and she’s trying to find new fashion trends to follow. I’ll have to recommend that she shop for a long sleeve camouflage print shirt for sale, so that she can wear it out for a casual day on the town, or to go for a run, or even to go hunting. It’s such a versatile print, so it’s definitely an important article of clothing to have in your wardrobe.

    1. Thanks so very much for saying that!

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