May 31, 2018

The 34 Food Instagram Accounts You'll Want to Follow Immediately

Warning: these accounts will make you hungry!

The 34 Food Instagram Accounts You’ll Want to Follow Immediately

Before you read any further we must warn you, by following these Instagram accounts you’re going to become very hungry! Indeed, each of these accounts are full of delicious looking food and great photos. It’s a combination we can certainly get behind.

Whether or not you consider yourself a foodie, we can all agree that it’s fun to scroll through your feed and see food from either chefs, food bloggers, or other self proclaimed foodies.

So, keep on reading for the 34 food Instagram accounts our team is loving. We have a feeling you’re going to want to follow them immediately.

Our 34 Favorite Food Instagram Accounts

1. @againstallgrain – This is another allergen friendly feed that I look at for the best gluten free/dairy free ideas! Her waffles are killer and I actually bought her cookbook. Her simple meals and recipes are easy to follow! – Ashley

2. @alphafoodie – You need to run to follow this account! Always yummy, always pretty, always colorful! – Mari

3. @atasteofkoko – Jane hails from Austin and shares a great mix of Austin restaurants and other cool Austin spots. – Carrie

4. @anettvelsberg –  Vegan eats and creative colorful photography make a great combo here. – Mari

5. @chekmarkeats – Based in Austin, Alex covers the Austin food scene in a way that makes you want to try every single thing she posts. She finds the best restaurants and the best dishes! – Julie

6. @dametravelerfoodie – I’m sure many of you follow @dametraveler (which made our list of best travel Instagram accounts!). Well, this is Dame Traveler’s sister food account, highlighting some of the most delicious and Instagrammable (yes, that’s a word!) food in the world – Carrie

7. – I’ve never seen such beautiful photography! I want to jump into every single photo. Vicheka covers the Houston food scene in a gorgeous way. – Julie

8. @eatingatx – Austin is my fave city in Texas, and this account scouts the yummiest eats in Austin! – Mari; I happen to know the gals behind this account, which only makes me love the account even more – even if their pictures make me hungry and miss the Austin food scene. – Carrie

9. @eatingnyc – Want to see a true New Yorker’s take on the NYC food scene? Then this account is for you! – Carrie

10. @food52 – Likely a favorite account of many, Food52 delivers the greatest food content all day long. They birthed one of the most prolific food hashtags out there with over seven million photos! Gasp. – Julie

11. @foodintheair – I’d deem this one of the original food Instagram accounts. Their foodintheair hashtag has over a quarter of a million photos. Their feed combines food and travel and adventure, which ya gotta love!

12. @fooodeelicious – Duc covers the Houston food scene in a vibrant way! His photos always catch my attention and often lead me to new Houston spots. – Carrie

13. @joyfulhealthyeats – Since I’ve been trying to shed baby weight, I’ve definitely looked to kristas feed for inspiration for salads and lighter meals! Her salads are always colorful and tasty!  – Ashley

14. @joythebaker – Not only has Joy authored three cookbooks, but more importantly (wink, wink), she is the creator of @drakeoncake! – Carrie

15. @laurentoyota – She’s adorable and fun, and has the best vegan food recipes. – Amy

16. @lindseyeatsla – Her photos make me hungry even if I’ve just had a big meal. – Amy

17. @madzpayne – Where do we start with Madison? Well, she is a Houstonian whose joyful personality is infectious. Plus, she knows the best food spots in Houston! – Carrie

18. @marthastewart – I freaking love Martha Stewart. That’s all. She’s queen of the kitchen and all things. I cooked my first thanksgiving turkey following her directions exclusively. – Ashley

19. @minimalistbaker – My youngest girl is allergic to eggs, so a lot of my baked goods are allergen friendly recipes I get from Minimalist Baker. I’ve baked these cookies a few times and I just love them!! Her healthy, minimal ingredient recipes make my heart and waistline happy. – Ashley

20. – With this one, you’ll encounter a perfect palette and palate. Indeed, he has the prettiest pastel colors and the most deliciously healthy recipe ideas. – Carrie

21. @new_fork_city – Always makes me want to take a trip to NYC to try all the food! – Alex

22. @ohhoneybakes – I don’t bake a ton, but when I do I look to this feed for inspiration! I love the photography and flavor choices!  – Ashley

23. @peacelovedonutsnaplesfl – A dear friend of mine who quit her corporate job and opened an adorable little donut shop in Naples, FL! – Amy

24. @raw_manda –  This account is great for vegan food ideas for those meatless days and to incorporate healthier eats into my diet. – Mari

25. @shelbysorrel – An Austin, Texas foodie sharing her favorite local spots, eats and drinks. Her feed is seriously swoon-worthy. You’ll be booking a trip to Austin. – Jenny; Shelby is a favorite of many of us! The team’s love for Austin runs deep (as evidenced here), so it’s no surprise we love colorful Austin food experts like Shelby! – Carrie

26. @theblondepantry – Marla is a dear friend of mine and an incredible cook. She has a healthy meal delivery service and every item on her feed looks delectable (and bonus points for all of them being good for the waistline!). – Julie; Marla is part of the team here, so yes we are biased. But not only is her food delicious and healthy, but she is an inspiration with her healthy meal delivery service. So definitely check her out! – Carrie

27. @thedefineddish – A Whole30 at home cook that inspires me to eat better with her beautiful, healthy recipes. – Jenny

28. @thefauxmartha – I’ve followed this feed for a long time. Her photography and aesthetic are my favorite! She’s another minimal ingredient gal, and I love it!  – Ashley

29. @thefoodiechef – Morgan is a healthy personal chef based in Houston and what I love about her is when she records her entire process of cooking something. Her stories and feed are full of yummy looking foods (either ones she’s made or from places she’s been). – Julie; Morgan makes the best salted caramels on the planet. The end. – Carrie

30. @thehungrypetite –  My favorite Houston food blogger who always knows the best and newest Houston food spots. – Alex

31. @thehungrywarrior –  Food art. Enough said! Beautiful food beautifully photographed. – Mari

32. @themodernproper – Whenever I’m looking for fun new dishes to try out of the ordinary ingredients I head to the modern proper. The food photography is my favorite and my favorite dishes are her dinners! This chimichurri steak is fab!! – Ashley

33. @whatsgabycookin – Be warned – you may drool over her colorful, yummy recipes. Not diet friendly 😉  – Jenny

34. @wrightkitchen –  The most creative food photography ever! And always colorful! – Mari

A Few More Things

Now, we want to know your favorite food accounts! Please share in the comments below.

Also, did you catch our other favorite Instagram account roundups here and here?

And finally, don’t forget to check out Carrie’s Poshmark closet. So many amazing items for sale! Have a great day.


  1. Katie K says:

    Hands down, @thehangrywoman!! She’s so funny and real.

    1. Oh thanks for the recommendation, Katie! Will have to check her out!

  2. Luv chimichurri steak.themodernproper has it.

    1. Thank you so much for all the great recommendations!

  3. The ohhoneybakes has it. I love baked goods.

    1. Oh I’m always up for some baked goods!

  4. Joythebaker have to check her out.

    1. Oh definitely! She’s awesome.

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