October 18, 2017

Wednesday Words of Wisdom : 10.18.17

Be a Fruit Loop in a world of Cheerios.

Doing what you want to do and choosing the path you feel is best for you, is the only way to live this life.


written by Julie Weinstein

It’s no secret; it can be easy to follow the pack. It’s safe. It’s comfortable. It’s predictable. And it’s easier.

When faced with a choice, oftentimes we’ll think about it and possibly go the path our peers have gone down. Because that way, you’ll, at least, have an idea of the outcome. Whether or not the outcome is what you prefer or intend it to be, because the majority did it then it feels alright.

However, what if you didn’t follow the others, but instead, went down your own path, even if it’s so totally scary?

The “Norm”

Even if it’s not the “norm” who cares? What is the “norm” anyway? Make your own “norm.”

Your decision might be far from what your friend would decide, but that doesn’t make your decision wrong or bad. In fact, it makes it great. Doing what you want to do and choosing the path you feel is best for you, is the only way to live this life.

Because if you’re not being your most authentic self and making choices based on who you truly are, then you won’t know true and utter and complete, whole happiness. And why would you want a life anything less than that?

So what if everyone chose option A, and you went with option B…own B and never regret it or question it for a second.

It’s easiest to simply “fit in” with the crowd, but it might not be the most fulfilling route. Don’t conform simply because that’s what’s comfortable. Step outside of your comfort zone, no matter how scary it is.

I have a feeling that if you do, the reward will be worth every second of discomfort. Whether or not the ultimate outcome is what you’re hoping for, there are always lessons to be learned.

Think About It

What is something you’ve been wanting to do or a decision you’ve been waiting to make? Think about that.

Now, is the only thing holding you back the idea that you’ll be the only one on that path?

Well, what if you just did it? What if you just jumped?

I dare you.

Amy Tangerine

A huge thank you, as always, to the incredibly talented Amy Tangerine who designed the gorgeous art you see above.

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Watercolor design by Amy Tangerine

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