July 19, 2019

The Color Connection : 07.19.19

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Weekend Links

Hey friends – Can you believe another week has passed? Time seems to be flying by!

This week was extremely productive with behind-the-scenes type of work. I’m looking forward to sharing some news with you next week and further info in coming weeks. Plus, I’ll be getting back into a regular publishing schedule around here.

One other note: thanks for all your wonderful feedback on this post about the Nordstrom sale! You all were so kind,  supportive,  and encouraging with your comments and message. Again, I intended no shade towards anyone else. But rather I was just explaining my personal mindset.

Particularly, I remain concerned with the levels of over consumption and the role that influencers are playing in encouraging that. Food for thought.

Now continue scrolling for some of my favorite finds this week…

Weekend Reading

5 apps to help you save money

10 one-pot recipes to get you through summer

10 things you should never do in an interview

Congrats to Tamara Mellon! From bankruptcy to $87 million in funding.

Have you heard about Janet, the super secret airline?

How cute is this creative picnic idea for toddlers? Must try!

Someone else who feels similarly to me when it comes to the Nordstrom sale

The Old Boys Club is for Losers — I’m passionate about helping female entrepreneurs. And the funding gap between males and females is huge. I recently went down a rabbit hole reading about this topic – and it led me to this article, which is very old but it really resonated with me.

What women want at work

Weekend Shopping

A lot of y’all ask about this dress often, so here’s a link to it.

Hampden’s summer sale is on – and it’s so good!

I always get questions about this swimsuit, and I just noticed the white version is on major sale.

I recently got this rainbow storage unit to organize Elle’s arts and crafts supplies – and we love it!

Olivia Rubin’s pre-fall collection is so good! This dress and this cardigan are on my wish list.

Rainbow Valentino. Enough said, right? I’ve been eyeing this bag forever. It’s on sale now. I’m hoping it goes on further sale soon.

The only thing I might order from the Nordstrom anniversary sale are these candles because they are my absolute favorite candles ever! I always have one of these grapefruit scented candles in every room. Well, until it’s the  holiday season, and then I swap them out for the holiday scented candles by the same brand.

The Outnet is celebrating their tenth anniversary with a wonderfully curated collection of exclusives – such as this Caroline Constas off-the-shoulder dress, this Delpozo dress, these Giuseppe Zanotti heels, and these GZ blue suede heels.

Until next time…

Have a great weekend!


  1. thank you so much for sharing my post!! seriously so over this whole nordstrom sale fiasco! it’s just become so obnoxious that i refuse to shop it just on principle hahaha! loved your post as well! hope you had an amazing weekend carrie!



    1. LOL – I so agree, Allie!

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