February 14, 2020

Weekend Roundup : 02.14.20

all my favorite things from the week

Around Here Lately

Happy Friday! A couple things…

First, happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

I know people have different opinions (both good and bad) about Valentine’s Day. Some think it’s a made-up commercial holiday. Some go all out on the love holiday.

But whether you are Team “You Color My World” or Team “Love Succs”, I’m just wishing you a great day.

We are keeping it low-key around here. As much as I like dining out, I certainly avoid the crowds at restaurants on Valentine’s Day!

Second, thank you for all your excitement on this post. While I’m nervous about the spending freeze, I’m oddly looking forward to the lessons I’ll learn. Specifically, I think it will be gratifying to exercise some discipline financially-speaking.

I’m thinking of making this a bigger, public challenge since many of you have indicated that you want to join in the challenge! Would you be game?

Keep scrolling for your weekend reading and weekend shopping – for those of you not on a spending freeze! Ha.

Weekend Reading

5 money moves that will impact your finances in a big way

10 behaviors people find condescending

14 places across the globe where you can collect an extra passport stamp!

Best breakfast tacos in Austin

Everything you need to know about the Instagram Algorithm

I live for her travel reviews, and this one is no different.

I’m so excited about Merritt’s move to Chicago! Another reason I need to visit.

Fascinating: what color is your name?! You’ll want to try this tool.

Getting real about our postpartum bodies

Their parenting philosophy on toys

Why wasn’t NYFW inspiring?

Until Next Time

Have a great weekend.

More color, please!


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  1. Nicole says:

    So many of your wish list items are on mine too. I really love the new Gucci…(got the email yesterday).. the freezing on spending is very inspiring!

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