2016 Colorful Gift Guides

Welcome to day 2 of our color-coded gift guides! Today is full of pink gift ideas! Pink does happen to be my favorite color, after all, so I am super excited to feature it. Plus, as you know, it’s a very trendy color this season. In fact, you might recall us featuring pink frequently this season, such as the case of this bright pink suit, this lace pink top, and this blush pink dress – just to name a few. Indeed, it’s such a pretty shade that we are thrilled to see its proliferation this year.

By the way, if you’re not sure what I’m talking about with these color-coded gift guides, you can read more here.

And here’s the colorful schedule of gift guides:

  • Wednesday, November 30 : red
  • Today : pink
  • Friday, December 2 : orange
  • Saturday, December 3 : yellow
  • Sunday, December 4 : green
  • Monday, December 5 : blue
  • Tuesday, December 6 : purple
  • Wednesday, December 7 : neutrals + metallics
  • Thursday, December 8 : multi-color / rainbow hues
  • Friday, December 9 : gift guide wrap-up + giveaway winners announced!

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Now, let’s get to the good stuff — the gift ideas…

15 Pink Gift Ideas We Love

  1. Frosted donut snow tube : Sure, we’ve all heard of the donut pool float. Been there, done that, right? But did you know there’s a donut snow tube for these snowy winter months? That’s right – kids and kids at heart can both enjoy snow tubing in this delectable pink donut! And at less than $30, this gift is a steal, considering the loads of fun you’ll have with it!
  2. Assouline “Flowers: Art & Bouquets” coffee table book : Do you have a bookworm, flower lover, or home decor fiend on your list? Well, this beautiful coffee table book is a lovely gift idea for any of them! And trust me – you can’t go wrong with Assouline books. They make the highest quality, most beautiful books available.
  3. J.Crew cashmere cable-knit tunic : I recently bought this sweater for myself, so I can attest to its coziness. As a tall person, I appreciate that this is a longer sweater. Plus, it is so very soft. So, indulge a lady on your list with the luxury of cashmere.
  4. J.Crew wool blend double breasted jacket : A classic double-breasted jacket in an on-trend shade on sale? Sign me up! Perhaps you might like to get this and wrap it up for yourself! Ha.
  5. Stella McCartney cat-eye sunglasses : This is another item that I already own myself. You might remember me wearing them at Pietro Nolita in NYC. When it comes to sunglasses, the bigger the better in my book! As photographer Maritere mentioned to me today, the bigger they are, the more they prevent eye wrinkles. My reply to her: The bigger they are, the more they cover up the wrinkles we already have. Ha. So, spoil someone on your list with these cat-eye beauties.
  6. Kate Spade 2017 diary : As the title says, this gift is intended for the “young lady of fashion”. It’s a day planner with the look of a diary. And at less than $50, it’s a great gift idea for the girl in your life who loves to journal and draw.
  7. Peter Millar polo shirt : I don’t know about you, but I love seeing my guy dressed in pink. Whether your guy is a fan of pink or not, he surely will be glad to receive a Peter Millar polo shirt – perfect for the golf course! Plus, it’s on sale for less than $50, making it a huge bargain.
  8. Sleeper pajama set : For the lady who needs to relax, pajamas are always a welcome gift idea. I like the slightly oversized cut of these, making them especially comfy.
  9. Hunter “First Classic” glitter rain boots : Hunter boots are always cute, but make them in pink and glitter for a little girl, and the cuteness grows exponentially! In fact, we can’t handle the cuteness of these.
  10. J.Crew Italian leather passport case : For the budding traveler on your list, encourage her adventures with this passport travel case. And get ready to book that next getaway!
  11. Hanky Panky signature set of three lace thongs : Ladies, tell your guys that these would make a lovely stocking stuffer for you! Without revealing too much (pun intended), I wear these all the time!
  12. Balloon doggy money bank : I love the Jeff Koons vibe of this quirky money bank. Embrace this as a way to teach a child the lesson of saving – or perhaps to encourage saving for you and your partner!
  13. Charlotte Simone candy cane stripe faux fur stole : We are super excited that more and more beautiful faux fur options are making their ways to stores this season. And we are particularly enamored with this darling stole!
  14. Happy Plugs pink earbuds : At only $30, these earbuds make a lovely little stocking stuffer for the kids on your list – or perhaps even the exercise enthusiast!
  15. Hansa Toys extra large flamingo stuff toy : Who doesn’t love a flamingo? Take note, though – this is no usual flamingo! This is an extra large flamingo. Standing at almost three feet tall, this creature is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face!

And one bonus idea : If you need something super cute to put you in the festive mood as you run your errands and wrap gifts, check out this Santa sweater!

Plus, don’t forget that our boutique is fully stocked with plenty of ideas for both gifts and what to wear this season. Check it out! The boutique is continually updated as we find new stuff to share with you…

So, who on your guide list might enjoy a pink gift? And which idea is your favorite? Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Graphics by Ashley Cardoza; image by Maritere Rice


  1. Elissa says:

    Such pinkatastic present picks — ?!!

  2. Sheri says:

    Hi Carrie,
    The double breasted JCrew jacket is really gorgeous!

    What a beautiful selection of items.


  3. Vivianne says:

    I in love with the sweater and the double breasted jacket

  4. Karla says:

    Love the idea of pink rain boots…perfect any time of year!?

  5. Alex Rocha says:

    Blush pink is so in!!

  6. Lil cobi says:

    I need this Gift card ASAP..I WANT SOME FLIP FLOPS

  7. Erin says:

    The balloon doggie bank is my fave! Love all things pink! ?

  8. manda says:

    Cute donut.

  9. Stephanie says:

    All of this pink! So much to choose from. I can’t decide. Love the J. Crew passport cover since I am big on traveling. I have been looking for a cover. Thanks!

  10. alicia szemon says:

    that J.Crew wool blend double breasted jacket looks so beautiful! I want it!!!

  11. Casi Selph says:

    This Gift Guide is EVERYTHING ?My sister would love the Sweater, Coat or Hunter Boots! I would love to have any/all of these goodies for Christmas ?

  12. Aubrey says:

    I think I might have shed a tear or two when that gorgeous J Crew coat sold out in my size, just to. Die. For. I’m already a big fan of pink but the little nod to military styling and pink??? Perfection ??? You always have the most spot on style, love it, and I would gladly raid your closet anytime ??

  13. Lisa says:

    J Crew pink tunic?5″10 live longer length

  14. Sydney says:

    Honestly I love to live my life in pink so any of these items would be fantastic!! Great pick selection Carrie!

  15. Lisa Phillips says:

    My favorite out of thePink collect is :
    Happy Plugs pink earbuds : At only $30
    Definitely would buy for a teen stocking stuffer gift, super cute:-)

  16. Madison says:

    Pink is my favorite color!! I especially love number 10! Pink passport 🙂

  17. Nikki C. says:

    Y’know, I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of Hunter boots! They’re so sleek and cute, and most importantly, made to last! I had no idea they made them in pink… You’ve not only blown my mind, but now I’m about to do a little web searching for more! Thank you for the informative post! 🙂

  18. Megan says:

    Love the variety of gifts on this one! The donut tube is too cute!

  19. Tara Holland says:

    #1 is too cute! I just need some snow!

  20. Chloe says:

    Really wish I could be floating in the pink donut in a pool. Go away winter! The flower book looks absolutely beautiful.

  21. Holly says:

    I never feel quite comfortable in full-on girly pink, but that dusty rose J Crew jacket is gorgeous! This is really turning into things I want for me, but I do have a flamingo obsessed friend who would adore that plushie.

  22. Michele says:

    Love all things pink!

  23. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    “PINK is my signature color”, Julia Robert’s said in Steel Magnolias.
    Well, PINK is my signature color also.

    I am drooling over the
    J.Crew, Norton cable-knit cashmere and mohair-blend tunic you found at Net-A-Porter.

    Unfortunately, it is SOLD OUT. So so sad.

    Love the Stella McCartney Cat Eye Sunglasses too.

  24. Ruthie Burke says:

    So cute! Love the hunter boots for the little ones…

  25. Omg I want all of these pink things for myself! 😉

  26. Cindy says:

    Cashmere sweater is my favorite!!

  27. Annie says:

    J.Crew wool blend double breasted jacket is very stylish.

  28. Carolyn says:

    The glasses. I die.

  29. JessZ says:

    Love the pink!! I need to get the polo and doggy bank stat for hubby and daughter…and I need those sunnies!

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