February 06, 2018

4 Key Handbag Trends To Know for Spring

Loving these bags.

Spring 2018 Bag Trends

We love bags. Almost as much as we love shoes. And that’s saying a lot! And if we were the betting type, we’d bet we aren’t alone in our affinity for handbags.

If you’re in the market for a new handbag this spring, we have good news for you! You don’t have to mortgage the house to embrace this spring’s trends. Sure – we love a Chanel or Gucci bag as much as the next person. But this season’s bags are free of logos, but filled with fun! Novelty materials, shapes, and sizes dominate the purse scene right now. This season has a playfulness to it that we are absolutely loving!

Bonus : 4 Handbag Designers You Need to Know

There’s one more factor making this season of handbags even more interesting. A new crop of bag designers is emerging, bringing a fresh new perspective to the classic bag. Before we jump into the trends, we’ll just go ahead and share our favorite emerging handbag designers:

Cult Gaia: Cult Gaia is all about beautiful and unique bags, often made of all different stains of wood and various colors of acrylic.

Mansur Gavriel: Mansur Gavriel designs luxurious looking and feeling, Italian made bags in the best quality leather.

Staud: Staud is home to contemporary bags for the modern woman, at an accessible price point in various colors, shapes, and sizes.

The Daily Edited: The Daily Edited is a brand where they’re always thinking about form, function, and fashion equally, all at an attainable price point in luxurious fabrics.

Now keep on scrolling to read more about the four key handbag trends this season…

Trend 1 : Circular Bags

As we alluded to at the beginning, designers are playing around with shapes. And no shape feels as fresh and fun, yet finished and flawless as the circle bags. This shape has been around for several seasons now. It’s showing no sign of going anywhere anytime soon. And it just keeps getting better and better in terms of the design options available.

Our favorite designers for this trend: The Daily Edited and Mansur Gavriel

The circle bags that Carrie has: Cult Gaia bamboo circle bag / The Daily Edited forest green circle bag / Clare V. small leather shoulder bag (sold out, similar style here)

Browse other circle bags that we are loving here:

Trend 2 : Bags with Natural Elements

This season, designers are weaving natural elements into handbags. And we are loving it! From straw to rope to wood and even macrame, the earthy elements being integrated into bags are endless.

The natural elements of course make the bags casual enough to take to the beach or brunch. But perhaps surprisingly, this season’s bags are also sophisticated enough to carry through to dinner or date night.

Our favorite designers for this trend: Staud and Cult Gaia

The natural element bags that Carrie has: Staud bucket bagCult Gaia “Luna” bag / Various Nannacay bags

Browse other natural element bags that we are loving here:

Trend 3 : White Bags

Similar to bags with natural elements, white bags, too, can go with just about anything this time of year. You might think it’ll get dirty, but so many of the styles out there are of such great, sturdy fabrics that it doesn’t pick up dirty from anywhere and everywhere.

Whether big or small, white is fresh for spring, and it’s bright and versatile. You’ll find white dressy bags, as well as beach totes, and casual everyday bags. You might remember we wrote all about white accessories here.

Our favorite designers for this trend: Mansur Gavriel and Staud

The white bags that Carrie has: Mansur Gavriel sun mini mini leather tote / Staud bucket bag

Browse other white bags that we are loving here:

Tory Burch Floral Silk Shirtdress with White Accessories / Coming soon to CarrieColbert.com

Trend 4 : Mini Bags

Now, you might want to say this isn’t the most functional type of bag out there. Granted, you’re absolutely accurate in saying that. But don’t discount how cute they are! Anything is cuter in miniature form, right?

So, these are not necessarily your carry-every-day sort of bags. They are instead more of the make-a-statement-when-you-go-out type of bags. Carry one of these when you just have your phone, wallet, and lipstick. You know what we are talking about, ladies!

Our favorite designers for this trend: Mansur Gavriel and Chloé

The mini bag that Carrie has: Mansur Gavriel sun mini mini leather tote

Browse other mini bags that we are loving here:

Take it to the Streets

Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts on these spring bags? Anything you’re loving and eyeing from above? Do let us know in the comments below! Have a great day.

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