April 11, 2017

A Guide to Houston's Best Birthday Cakes

Let's celebrate.

Your Guide to the Very Best Birthday Cakes in Houston

Written by Julie Weinstein

Now, this is a post I’ve been looking forward to. As you read yesterday, Carrie has a big birthday coming up this weekend, so we’re celebrating on Wear + Where + Well all week long. And who doesn’t love a celebration? And today it’s all about the very best birthday cakes in Houston.

In honor of Carrie’s 40th, we have rounded up the best of the best birthday cakes in town. We started out by reaching out to the bakers of our personal favorite birthday cakes in town to tell them about their inclusion in our birthday cake guide. And then these bakers were all generous enough to create a birthday cake especially for us! How lucky are we?

We photographed these deliciously beautiful cakes at the colorful Honey Art Cafe, which you saw a snippet of in this morning’s post. Indeed, it was truly the perfect backdrop for these colorful, whimsical, beautiful, and of course, delicious, cakes.

We were so taken aback by how uniquely wonderful each and every cake was! Indeed, they really are works of art. As it turns out, each of these bake shops take their birthday cakes very seriously. And in fact masterpieces is what they are.

Our 8 Favorite Birthday Cakes in Houston

So, without further delay, here is our guide to the eight best places to get a birthday cake in Houston. Also, you’ll find a Google map below to help you locate them. Enjoy!

1. Dessert Gallery

3600 Kirby Dr D, Houston, TX 77098

Since 1995, Dessert Gallery Bakery & Café custom celebration cakes have been the icing on the cake at thousands of birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, bar mitzvahs and corporate celebrations. They are known for homemade, all-American, rich, decadent desserts, elegant sweet tables, and custom photo and logo cookies, cakes, truffles and cupcakes.

“Our “Scream for Ice Cream Cake” combines our love of cake AND ice cream! Have you ever been to a birthday party where one was offered without the other (heaven forbid!)? This looks like one and tastes like the other. It’s one of those desserts that can be enjoyed at every age. Colorful and creative, dive in with a fork and you can practically hear the ice cream truck making its way through the neighborhood.”

2. Maple and Love

Located in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston, TX

Maple and Love is a boutique cake bakery known for its original, whimsical, colourful and sophisticated cakes and sweets. They love to splash colour and creativity into their cake designs to make something out of the ordinary and unforgettable. All their cakes are baked from scratch without any preservatives or artificial ingredients. They truly are perfectionists and their eye for detail, careful styling and delicious flavours stand them apart.

“For Carrie’s birthday cake we wanted to play up on our mutual love for bold colours and create something that shouted “its time to get this party started!” The cake itself was one of our extra tall fufetti cakes with bold and brightly coloured splashed buttercream with handpainted gold accents, a partial hot pink chocolate ganache drip, chocolate shards, pipping and candy to decorate with one of our custom gold glitter cake toppers.”

3. Petite Sweets

2700 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098

We’ve written about our love for Petite Sweets a few times already, and for good reason; if you’ve tried their sweets, we have a feeling you agree with us. Their treats are delicious. From their cupcakes to cake balls and beyond, and don’t forget their unicorn hot chocolate, we are huge fans. And their cakes are just as beautiful and scrumptious as everything else on their menu.

“Since we know Carrie’s favorite color is pink, we knew we had to go with a pink cake! And we knew exactly the perfect one. It’s called The Roi Cake because someone named Roi ordered the first one; he wanted something fun, glittery, over the top for his birthday. So, owner Susan Molzan took that direction and ran with it. We posted it on social media, and then we continued to get orders for it. It sort of went viral! It’s certainly one of our most popular special order cakes.”

4. The Village Bakery

4509 Kelvin Dr, Houston, TX 77005

If you have a crazy idea for a cake that you aren’t exactly sure could be executed, well, I’ll bet money on it that The Village Bakery can make it happen. For example, my father-in-law loves bowling, so for his 60th birthday, my mother-in-law had The Village Bakery make him a bowling alley cake, complete with bowling pins, bowling balls, and many other components you didn’t know could be incorporated into a cake. They are extremely talented, and you can tell the love and passion that goes into each cake they make.

For Carrie’s birthday cake, they went with a pink color scheme, from the pale pink topper to the pink flowers on the bottom half. We think it came out equal parts sweet and beautiful. The green touches make it a cake that is meant for the spring season, and the gold buttons on top is the icing on the cake (pun intended, of course).

5. Three Brothers Bakery

4036 S Braeswood Blvd, Houston, TX 77025 (other locations in Memorial and on Washington)

For over 65 years, Three Brothers Bakery has been known as the bakery to find savory eastern European style breads and pastries, cookies, cupcakes, edible logo decorated cookies and cakes and a full line of speciality dessert cakes. Personally, aside from all their delicious sweets, I’m a huge fan of their challah! But really, anything and everything you try from any of their three shops you will absolutely love.

“Three Brothers Bakery wanted to create a vibrant, colorful birthday cake that matches the Wear + Where + Well brand as well as Carrie’s bubbly and fun personality. The white cake features marbled pink buttercream frosting topped with a vibrant blue white chocolate ganache, rainbow sprinkle bark, and yellow mum flowers.”

6. Whisk Bakery

Located in the Spring Valley Village of Houston, TX

Whisk is primarily known for cakes of any kind. Aside from cakes, they do homemade cookies, brownies with different toppings, cupcakes, and pies. Carla Navarro, Owner of Whisk, likes to bake items that make people feel at home or bring back memories from one’s past. It’s the goal every time to make her customers feel warm and happy inside.

“I decided to make the white and chocolate cake because it was different for birthday cakes. Most birthday cakes are usually simple flavors (vanilla or chocolate) and to make it a little bit fun I incorporated my favorite childhood cookie into it, Oreos.

The design on the cake came from the cafe, Honey Art Cafe. I looked it up and loved the painting of the ladies and the colors around them. So, I took some of those colors and watercolored the cake to fit with it. The chocolate dripping was needed for the cookies and cream, but let’s be real…it looks delicious with it. The topping comes from my love of fresh fruit and I love how you can use simple foods you have at home to decorate a cake. It was a touch of healthy for the super non-healthy cake!”

7. Who Made the Cake

1811 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77019

Who Made the Cake is known for their custom cake designs. They are a premiere cake destination in Houston, and their wedding cakes are incredible works of art. They’ve received many awards for their work, along with having been featured on Food Network, Good Morning American, and numerous other places.

“The cake we created is a Kate Spade inspired design with a sparkly metallic gold tier and a black and white striped tier.  The sugar paste peony gives it a pop of color. In terms of flavor, it’s vanilla cinnamon and our famous chocolate-chocolate chip cake with a decadent caramel filling topped with old fashioned vanilla buttercream and white chocolate fondant.”

8. Wink Sweets & Treats

3707 Audley St, Houston, TX 77098 (not a retail storefront)

Wink is known for their custom desserts. They can either create something new with the customer’s inspiration or execute the vision they have in mind. Their motto is making special moments a little bit sweeter and the goal is to be their customer’s lifelong baker for all the special moments from a birthday to a first baby. Their style is playful, colorful, simple, and pretty – you’ll often find whimsical characters, bright colors, and simple designs in Wink desserts.

“I perused Carrie’s Instagram and got a sense that she loved color (as do I!). In particular, I liked this image on her feed and that was the inspiration for the cake. The watercolor buttercream colors are based on the backdrop, with pops of fuchsia, light pink, and turquoise. I added a splash of gold and then a white chocolate ganache drip. Her outfit had a floral and feminine feel so I decided to top the cake with flowers – ranunculuses and roses in fuchsia, white, and pink. Last but not least, a wink signature custom glitter gold topper.”

In Closing

Are you salivating yet? Take my word for it (or just go get yourself a cake!) – they were delicious beyond delicious. If you live in Houston, where do you go for birthday cakes? Which is your favorite from above? And if you live elsewhere, we’d love to hear favorites in your city. Have a great rest of your day, and the celebration continues tomorrow morning, so we’ll see you then!

Photos by Maritere Rice on location at Honey Art Cafe

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