March 18, 2019

My 14 Favorite Colorful Artists to Follow on Instagram

Looking to collect art or just gain some inspiration? Follow these artists.

Colorful Artists on Instagram

Confession: I LOVE art. I’ve always admired art, particularly of the modern genre. And in recent years, I’ve been fortunate enough to begin building my personal collection of art.

While some purchase art as an investment, I purchase it for inspiration. I am daily inspired by the art around me. Indeed, you’ll find my home filled with bright, happy, positive art. Art brings me so much happiness!

I’ve recently gotten a lot of questions about tips for collecting art, who I like to collect, and such. While I’ll delve into the how another time, for now, I want to share with you my favorite artists to follow on Instagram. These are a mix of artists whom I already collect and artists whom I hope to collect in the near future!

So, keep reading for colorful artistic inspiration…


14 Colorful Artists to Follow on Instagram

1. Angela Chrusciaki Blehm (@angelachrusciakiblehm)

I’m not sure when I first discovered Angela, but I know it was via Gina Julian (artist #4 on this list!). I love Angela’s use of mixed media and wood and layers and bold colors. I recently acquired one of her pieces, and it makes me smile each time I see it!

2. Ashley Longshore (@ashleylongshoreart)

I was lucky to meet Ashley more than five years ago — before she blew up like she has now! Ashley Longshore is the first artist I really invested in heavily. Since first purchasing from Ashley, I’ve continued to add to my collection – and I even commissioned a piece for my daughter’s nursery. As Ashley’s art continues to appreciate in value, I joke that the art I can afford from her keeps getting smaller and smaller.

Ashley is the real deal! She is unapologetically herself. And her art reflects that bold personality. For more information, check out our recent interview with Ashley.

3. Gee Gee Collins (@geegeecollins)

Gee Gee is a relatively new IG find for me. And I’m not sure exactly how I found her. You know how the rabbit-hole of Instagram can be sometimes! No surprise – I am partial to her colorful stripes series. But she also does really captivating figurative pieces as well.

4. Gina Julian (@gina_julian)

Gina, Gina, Gina… Where do I begin? If an artist could be my spirit animal, Gina Julian might be my match. I think I first discovered her when her art was featured in an HGTV project. At this point, I’ve lost track of how many times her art has made me literally gasp out loud! It’s that good. I’m especially in love with her op art series — the clean lines, the bold colors… Those paintings make my heart go pitter patter!

Gina has kind enough to gift me an elephant piece from her origami animals series. It hangs in Elle’s nursery. And I picked up a triptych of small op art pieces recently. They hang in my kitchen. (Well, they did – before it flooded. Thankfully the art is okay.)

5. Hunt Slonem (@huntslonem)

Hunt Slonem was the second fine artist I began collecting, right after Ashley Longshore. I first saw Hunt’s art on display at a gallery in Aspen. His signature bunnies caught my eye right away!

Long story short, I soon had the opportunity to meet him, tour his amazing studio space in Brooklyn, and eventually host him in my home. He is a warm, kind, eclectic, quirky gentleman. I look forward to adding more of his works to my home soon.

6. Kristi Kohut (@hapiart)

Kristi Kohut’s art is filled with color, love, and joy — all the things I look for in art! What’s not to love about her art – particularly her “love” art? I adore how this jolt of color looks in an otherwise neutral room!

7. Logan Ledford (@loganledfordart)

Abstract artist Logan Ledford has a graphic design background, and it certainly shows in her work! The beauty is in the simplicity. While I don’t yet own any of Logan’s art, I’d love to add something like this to my portfolio at some point.

8. Louise Deweger (@louisedewegerartist)

I don’t know why it took me so long to discover Australian artist Louise Deweger, but I only discovered her two weeks ago! Now I am completely smitten. The colors, the patterns… It’s all quite mesmerizing!





9. Meredith Pardue (@meredithpardue)

Contemporary artist Meredith Pardue first came to my attention a year or so ago when I saw my interior designer Laura U use her art in a project. Her artwork has an organic nature to it that really draws me in. Houstonians – you can see more of her work at Laura Rathe Fine Art.

10. Pablo Dona (@pablodona)

Pablo Dona is another artist I discovered via Laura and Laura — Laura Rathe Fine Art helped Laura Umansky stage a home last summer. His work is whimsical in nature, evoking memories of childhood emotions from back in the simple days!


11. Peter Anton (@peter_anton_)

Do you have a sweet tooth? Satisfy that craving with Peter Anton’s art. All the sweet eye candy for zero calories! His oversized sculptures have captured my eye around the world in galleries from Aspen to Paris. And now I am glad to have recently found him on Instagram.

12. Robyn Blair (@byrobynblair)

Continuing with the sweet tooth theme, you must check out Robyn Blair’s sweet art! She utilizes actual candy in such a creative way to creative fun art. Whether you go with a “life is sweet” theme or a “in case of emergency break glass” theme, Robyn Blair’s candy art is sure to put a smile on your face.


13. Sarah Ferguson (@colorblox)

If you know me and/or if you have read this far, you probably have sensed some commonalities… bold colors & clean lines. Well, Sarah Ferguson continues along that common thread. I first saw her art in my friend’s home. My friend referred me to Dimmitt Art, an art gallery in Houston, where I discovered the artist’s name. I like how her paintings draw your eye in with the depth she creates.

14. Stephanie Henderson (@stephaniehendersonart)

I discovered Stephanie Henderson’s art on Chairish, and I was immediately a fan. What’s not to love? Hailing from Atlanta, Stephanie creates bold, edgy, modern art. From time to time, you can also find her art at Serena & Lily.


If you’re looking for a more affordable way to add colorful art to your home, check out some of the items below (prints, coffee table books, placemats, and more!) from these incredible artists.

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