October 05, 2018

An Exclusive Interview with Entrepreneur and Artist Ashley Longshore

The first in our Empowered Entrepreneurs series: How Ashley flipped the art industry on its head and how she empowers herself and her team.

Ashley Longshore

Hi, friends! As we shared earlier this week, our theme for the month is empowerment. Today, we are kicking off a month-long series on empowered entrepreneurs – focusing on creative business women who are kicking ass and taking names! These are women who believe believe can empower you through their empowered living. Trust me – you are in for a treat with this entire series.

I could not be more excited to share with you today’s featured female… Today’s interview is with the one and only Ashley Longshore!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Ashley Longshore is merely the most popular pop artist in America today! She’s been referred to as the Andy Warhol of our generation. But I believe she brings so much more to the table. Besides having her pulse on pop culture and reflecting that in her art, Ashley has quite simply turned the art industry on its head in the way that she runs her business.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley for the first time about four years ago when I first started collecting her work. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of becoming friends with her and her team. Just as her art, she herself emanates power and positivity.

Do not miss this interview! It is chock full of so much wisdom!

An Interview with Empowered Entrepreneur Ashley Longshore

When we think of empowered entrepreneurs who are inspiring and hard working, you are at the top of our list! When you were growing up, did you always know you wanted to run your own business? If not, was there a light bulb moment when you decided you were going to make it happen?

I have always been extremely headstrong and bull-headed.

Fortunately, the attributes that made me quite difficult as a child are the same attributes that now have made me quite successful as an adult.

When did I know I was an entrepreneur? I knew I was an entrepreneur when I was broke… The hotter the fire, the stronger the steal! After all, this is America and I can have it all, right?

You and your brand are truly so inspiring. To what do you attribute your success?

Self love!

I give myself a pep talk every morning! I know I love me some me, so I can take it when people come at me.


Running a business is no easy feat. We know it’s long days, late nights, and plenty of sacrifices along the way. What would you say your favorite thing is about what you do? And what would you say is the most challenging?

The most challenging aspect is time management. Now that there’s so much opportunity, I’ve learned the power of the word “no”. And it’s really as optimistic as the word “yes” when used the right way.

My favorite thing is inspiring people to believe that they can do what I’ve done… If I can do it, anybody can do that. You just gotta never quit. A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

How would you describe the role social media has played in your business? We know you use it in a large way and we love how engaged your followers are. We’d love to hear more about that strategy.

Social media is just a tool. It isn’t the answer, and a lot of people get that confused.

It is my daily journal of optimism and humor. It’s an open window into what inspires me and what tickles me at any moment.  The idea of social media allowing people to experience what inspires me in real time is intoxicating and fun.


So many young women out there look up to you and are in awe of what you’ve created. What advice would you give to those young women looking to run their own business one day?

You better love you some you!

Love who you are, honor who you are, and follow the voice inside of you. Do the right thing. Work harder than you did the day before and great things will happen. Don’t give up. Never ever give up.

And what advice would you give to your younger self?

I think youth in general has many layers, and the idea of pleasing other people is a part of that. But when you break free and find yourself, you realize that you’re good enough on your own.

That being said, I don’t think I would worry so much. There’s a lot of fear involved with youth.


You have completely flipped the art industry on its head by cutting out galleries and selling direct to consumer. Tell us more about your thought process behind that and how it’s been. 

Also, we know you don’t sell prints of your work – we’d love to hear your views on that. 

Fuck giving up 50%! Why would I give a gallery 50% of my hard work?

And prints are just an insurance policy. People can have prints when I’m dead. Look at it this way – my most expensive painting is less than an exotic Hermes Birkin.

I don’t put ice in my champagne, and I don’t dilute my brand either.

Your style of art is very empowered and bold. Where do you find your inspiration? 

My paintings are my wall — my fortress that protects me from the rest of the world.

My power is in grandness and color. I’m not afraid of being a woman and I’m not afraid of sharing my experience of being a woman with the world.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever created and why?

Oh that’s impossible. That is impossible. I love all of them. All of them are my spirit, all of them are my heart.  Every painting I create is a moment in my life, and time is my most precious commodity.


You’re so hot right now! Your name is everywhere. We’re so in love with your collaboration with Judith Leiber and can’t get enough of your art filled cafe at Bergdorf Goodman, Palette at BG!

Any other partnerships or fun projects in the works? Anything you can share about what’s to come with the Ashley Longshore brand?

Let me just start by saying 2019 is about global take over! It’s happening. It’s happening BIG! Think beauty, think fashion.

On the days where you might feel you’re under water and spread too thin, what are your tips for how to feel empowered as a business person and as a woman? Furthermore, do you have any mottos or quotes you try to remind yourself of and live by?

Online shopping in my bathtub…hahahahah!  Real talk.

It’s good to have an inner monologue of ‘you can do it, you’ve got this, take a deep breath.’

At the end of day (and I say this to my team all the time), we’re not doing heart transplants… I’m selling paintings.  There’s no reason to terrorize myself over something that is bringing beauty to the world. Bubble baths and breathing are good.


We believe in the importance of a good morning routine in order to set your day up for success. What does a typical morning look like for you? 

A good pep talk in the mirror and gobs of accessories, and infinite optimism about what the day may bring. I play Parcheesi with Michael every morning and try to win.

It could rain money…it could be a shit storm. You just never know.

And how do you keep yourself and your schedule organized? What are your go to apps? Or are you a pen to paper kind of gal?

I have an amazing team. Thank god I have an amazing team. My team is everything. I can’t even keep up with keys or my credit card.

In Closing

How incredible is this woman?! She is the real deal — authentic, funny, beautiful, talented, and inspiring. Ashley – we love you!

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview. What was your favorite nugget of wisdom from Ashley? Let us know!

Finally, Houstonians – Ashley will be doing a book signing from 4 to 7 pm today (Friday, October 5) at Post Oak Hotel.


  1. Nicte Cuevas says:

    I absolutely adore the interview and all the wisdom Ashely shared! Her personality, drive and vision for how she wants her work to inspire others is something I am constantly working on. She lit more fire and fuel into my passion! We creatives can often hit road blocks by industry “norms” and I love how she took things on her own terms. Plus, she totally had me when I saw the painting of queen Frida!

    1. Thanks, N! “lit more fire” is exactly how I felt! Thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting. Xo

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