March 02, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Started on Poshmark

All about Poshmark.

All About Poshmark

One of the most common questions Carrie gets asked is what she does with all the fabulous clothing she wears on the site. She mentioned it briefly in her last Q&A that aside from offering things to her family and friends or donating to various organizations, she will sell certain higher end pieces on TheRealReal.

And we’re excited to let you know she’s now also selling things on Poshmark!

With the help of Valerie Halfon of Shop with Val, you’re able to shop tons of Carrie’s clothing on Poshmark. Yes, one of Valerie’s services is to manage customers’ Poshmark closets (more info below)!

And before you shop Carrie’s closet, keep on reading because we have Valerie here today giving us the 411 on Poshmark. Whether you’re a seasoned Poshmark user or you’ve never even heard of it, Valerie is sharing some incredible tips on how to get started and use the app. Take it away, Valerie!

Tips for Selling on Poshmark

1. Take great photos! What you’ll need to do:

– Find a well-lit area that is clear of clutter. Hanging an item on a wall/door or laying it flat on the floor tend to work best.

– Include photos of the front, back, label, and tag (if attached).

– Include close up shots of any damages and/or noteworthy details (buttons, zippers, seams, pockets, etc.). Bonus for photos of the item being modeled. You can do this through the original online listing or try it on if it fits you!

2. Include a thorough description. What you’ll need to do:

– Include a description from the original retailer (or a third party selling the item) when possible. Otherwise, create a detailed description to the best of your ability.

– Include details such as the brand, color, size, fit, condition, fabric, care instructions, etc. * Be upfront and honest about any wear and tear. *

– Optional: offer styling tips!

3. Share your items! What you’ll need to do:

– Share your theme-appropriate items in daily “Posh Parties.” Every day different themed “parties” take place within a two-hour window. If you have items in your closet that fall into that category you “share” them. Tons of users sign on during the “party” already looking for the type of item(s) you’re selling. This is a great way to increase your followers and sell items faster.

– You can also share items you think are great finds from other people’s closets with your own followers. In turn, they’ll often share your posts which lead to greater exposure and quicker sales.

4. Be consistent! What you’ll need to do:

– Check your account daily for updates on likes, comments, purchases, and upcoming Posh Parties.

– Answer all questions on listings promptly and thoroughly.

– Put your account on a “vacation hold” when you’re traveling so buyers know your items are unavailable for ship until you return. They are listed as “not for sale” until you remove this setting. However, you can still share them, and viewers can still “like” and “comment” on them.

5. Price accordingly. What you’ll need to do:

– Do your research on what the item originally cost at full price and what it sold for last (if it went on sale).

– Price your items according to age, condition, designer, and demand. Check to see what other Poshmark users are selling the same/similar items for. This should give you a good idea of how to price your item. (start a bit higher if you’re unsure as you can lower your prices at any point if items aren’t selling or receiving offers)

– Be open to offers. If you’re willing to negotiate you can sell items faster!

– Offer bundles discounts. This allows buyers to save 5-30% when purchasing more than one item from your closet. You set the offer and they are automatically applied at checkout.

6. End on a high note! What you’ll need to do:

– Ship all sold items within 3 days.

– Be sure to wrap the item(s) nicely in tissue paper.

– Include a handwritten thank you note.

– Package your items well in the appropriate sized box/envelope so they arrive in good condition.

Doing all of these things ensure that the buyer will accept your item without any issues and will leave you a good review. Happy Poshing!

Time to Shop!

As a note, if you’d like to shop Carrie’s closet, you do have to create a Poshmark account (it’s free!), but you don’t have to sell anything on it. PLUS through end of day Sunday, if you purchase more than one item from her closet, you’ll receive 15% off!

Let us know if you shop any of Carrie’s pieces from her Poshmark closet. What are your tips when it comes to Poshmark? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

Want even more insight into Poshmark? We suggest reading our friend Jessica’s insights on Poshmark from the perspective of sustainable shopping.

Have a great day!

About Valerie Halfon

Valerie Halfon is the founder of Shop With Val, an all-inclusive personal shopping and styling business that launched in NYC in 2010. Valerie has built an extensive portfolio of clients of all ages and sizes, spanning 22 countries. Shop With Val has been featured in Marie ClaireTime Out NY, and Houstonia. Valerie and her team aim to be a one-stop shop for all your wardrobe and styling needs with services ranging from closet consultations to helping clients sell their unwanted clothes. While in-person services are currently offered in NYC and Houston, anyone can work with Shop With Val remotely through Skype consultations and the creation of digital look books based on a client’s wish list. Whether a client is preparing for a special event, looking for a seasonal update or in need of a wardrobe overhaul, Shop With Val has earned countless five-star reviews on sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp! and Thumbtack.


  1. Hi Carrie!
    How fun – I’ll be sure to check out your closet 🙂


    1. Thanks, Sheri! Really appreciate that.

  2. Lara says:

    i am looking to sell items on Poshmark myself but one thing i am having trouble finding out is shipping – does the shipping you pay as the seller come out of the price you sell it for? was not sure on this aspect…

    1. Valerie says:

      Hi Lara, The buyer always pays for shipping, which is a flat rate of $6.49. This covers two-day priority with USPS. If you want to incentivize an interested buyer then you can offer discounted shipping or pay for it, but you are never expected to. It’s completely optional. Hope this helps!

  3. Patricia says:

    Hi- when you picture items with models etc, are these actual people or do you use stock photos or both? I don’t have the time or location to provide interesting locations with listed clothing. Any suggestions?

    1. The photos are all of me in the clothes.

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