October 01, 2018

Hola, October! | Letter from the Editor

Looking back and looking ahead...

Hola, October!

Happy October, friends! I used the word “hola” in today’s title for a couple reasons… First, it sounds somewhat alliterative with October – and I love a good alliteration! But more importantly, because “hola” was Elle’s first word! She’s been saying words for a few months now, but “hola” is still by far our favorite word to say. She says it over and over all day long! In fact, she’ll wave at you and say “hola!” until you respond to her.

A related funny story: She was recently at Whole Foods with Tita, her nanny who is like family to us – truly, a godsend. Anyway, Elle was waving and saying “hola!” to every person in the store. Most people smiled and at least politely said hi in return to her. But one man had a grumpy look on his face and didn’t even acknowledge her. She apparently continued to stare at the man and kept repeating herself — hola, hola, hola. Finally, her Tita said she explained to her that (1) not everyone speaks Spanish, and (2) not everyone is friendly. But she reiterated to Elle that she should just keep being herself and saying hola and bringing her joy to everyone she meets!

Elle’s persistence got me to thinking… Am I that bold? Am I that brave? Am I that empowered? Do I stand my ground? Do I stay true to myself, even in the face of rejection? Am I living an empowered life?

And that pretty much brings me to our October theme of the month! But before we get to that, let’s briefly recap the best of September…

Top 10 : Most Popular Content in September

1. The most comprehensive guide to Houston’s most colorful walls – Updated and republished this month, this guide continues to be our most popular page month after month after month! We’ve documented over 100 walls now!

2. The inside scoop on why I’m not attending NYFW right now – Many of you seemed to enjoy my no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to attending fashion week (or not) this year.

3. The 9 hair accessories you need to buy this season – Headbands, barrettes, turbans, scrunchies… The 90s are back! This is a simple, low-cost trend to pick up this season.

4. 7 reasons you need to take a trip alone – After a recent trip along to Cabo, I realized how restorative solitude can be.

5. Gen Z yellow: What it is & 26 fresh ways to wear it – Yes, it’s a real thing. Yes, it’s trending. Yes, you need to wear it.

6. A transparent look at how to make money blogging – Pulling back the curtain on how we make money blogging and how you can make money blogging.

7. Stine Goya ‘Jasmine’ dress (also styled here) – This pink dress is a new favorite of mine – and apparently yours too! Be sure to see both ways I styled it.

8. Alice + Olivia pullover with stripe sequin midi skirt – An outfit that proves that fall doesn’t have to be neutral or boring!

9. 28 ways to bring happiness into your life this month – Couldn’t we all use a little more happiness these days?

10. How to create a beautiful photo album in less than one hour – A project close to my heart that’s easy to replicate!

October’s Theme

Okay, enough looking back; let’s look forward now! As we introduced last month, each month, we will have a featured color of the month and a featured word of the month. These two selections will serve as common threads that we weave throughout our content of the month – sometimes explicitly, sometimes subtlety. We as a team are really excited and energized by this idea – and we hope you are, too!

So now, without further delay, it’s time to introduce October’s themes…

October’s Color of the Month : Peacock

October’s color of the month is peacock. This eye-catching spectrum of blues and greens is showing up everywhere! From the runways to home decor, peacock is invading our lives in a very powerful way. Don’t believe us? Well, just check out our color of the month store! We had so much fun rounding up all the peacock picks that are so prominent presently.

This vibrant color range is so full of vitality. Symbolically, peacocks as animals have always stood for integrity, strength, and beauty from within as we show our true colors. Peacocks are indeed a vision to behold! They strut their stuff in a powerful, confident manner.

With all this in mind, it leads us to our word of the month…

October’s Word of the Month : Empowerment

Let’s get real for a moment, if you don’t mind… The news these days, the political climate, all the sexual assault stories coming out… it can be hard to process. The sum of it all can bring us down these days. We as women can be left feeling marginalized, small, and defeated.

But let’s not give in to fear and defeat and marginalization! Rather, let’s seek to live empowered lives – and empower those around us. Indeed, our mission statement even backs this up as our purpose here at CarrieColbert.com:

Our mission is to empower women to live, think, and dress with more color. 

When we talk about colorful living, certainly we mean “colorful” in a literal sense much of the time. When it comes to fashion, travel, entertaining, decorating, and such, we very much embrace color in our lives. But even more so, “colorful” living carries with it, to me, a connotation of empowered, bold, vibrant living.

Furthermore, we believe that this world is big enough for us all to succeed! Your success doesn’t subtract from my potential success; nor does mine subtract from yours. We are all in this together! Indeed, empowered women empower women.

So, having said all that, won’t you join us in spreading some empowerment this month? Whether you need a fresh dose of empowerment in your life or whether you want to equip those around you, stick around this month for many ideas on how you can do just that!


  1. Jenn Lake says:

    Aw, such a sweet anecdote about Elle! Love!

    1. It’s going to work perfectly for Mexico! My little angel says hola, mas comida, and all sorts of Spanish words. Hahaha.

  2. Laura McCann says:

    Great letter to kick off the month! The peacock color is INSANE! Love that photo!

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! I so appreciate you saying that. Doesn’t that bold hue go well with the word empowerment? Ready for a strong month!

  3. Holly says:

    You are the perfect example of a woman who empowers other women! Keep doing great things!

    1. So kind of you to say! Look forward to spending some time with you and H soon. Xo

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