July 24, 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Little White Dresses

21 tips on why you need one, how to shop for one, and how to style one.

The Little White Dress

July might almost be over, but summer is still here for a little while more, and we’re embracing it every chance we get! And one of our favorite items to wear during the warmer months is, of course, a little white dress (LWD). Little white dresses, of course, are not new and revolutionary, but today we want to get down to the nitty gritty. Let’s get really practical when it comes to wearing a white dress.

In the past we’ve talked about why you need a little white dress and tips for wearing a white dress, which you can go back and read in full – or check out the highlights below. And today we’re sharing tips for picking out your little white dress. Because, as many of you very well know, it’s not the easiest piece to shop for!

Before we dive into the practical tips of how to select an LWD, let’s recap our previous content on the subject…

7 Reasons You Need a Little White Dress This Summer

Read the full article here.

1. LWDs are completely versatile.

2. LWDs allow endless options for accessorizing. 

3. LWDs keep you cool in the summer heat.

4. LWDs are perfect for showing off your summer tan.

5. LWDs are foolproof options for summer vacations.

6. LWDs are an easy alternative to your LBDs.

7. LWDs are sometimes mandatory attire for summer parties.

9 Tips for Wearing a White Dress

Read the full article here.

1. Select quality fabrics.

2. Steer clear of clingy fabrics.

3. Don’t underestimate what’s underneath.

4. Envision a vibe.

5. Pop your personality.

6. Go for gold.

7. Consider your closet.

8. Keep it simple.

9. Look to add layers.

5 Practical Tips for Picking Out Your Little White Dress

Now, let’s get uber practical. Girl to girl, let’s have a talk. Little white dresses can be oh so tricky and go oh so wrong. Let’s help each other out here. Here are our five helpful hints for selecting your LWD.

1. Look for the Lining

One might steer clear of white dresses due to the idea of it possibly being see through. And we get it, of course! However, we have solutions to that possible problem. First, look to see if it’s a lined dress. If it is, more than likely it won’t be see through. It goes without saying, we recommend you try on the dress in the store to make sure and also look in a couple different mirrors (one in the dressing room, one out on the floor) to see it in different lighting. If it’s not lined, don’t worry and just keep reading…

2. Feel the Fabric

As we mentioned above and in our previous article, you want to select quality fabrics. The better quality the fabric, the better it’ll fit! And quality fabric does not have to mean expensive. You can find tons of items of wonderful quality at affordable prices. As well, depending on the fabric it might not even matter if it’s lined, so again be sure to feel it and try it on in different lighting. Now, if there’s no lining but you do love the fabric, that’s not a problem!

3. Utilize Undergarments

Also mentioned briefly above and in our previous article, undergarments are so important, especially with white dresses! But you need to choose the right undergarments.

First, opt for nude undergarments, not white! Match your undergarments to your skin tone, not to your dress. This is an important key!

Second, if your dress isn’t lined and it is see through you’ll need a solution. And that solution is a slip! You want a lightweight, form fitting, nude one that is essentially invisible. It’ll still do its job, but you want to make sure it fits right so you’re not messing with it all day and night and if it feels barely there then that extra layer won’t bother you.

4. Select the Shade

It’s funny to think about because white is, well, just white, but did you know there are so many different shades? From ivory to cream to eggshell to bone (and the list goes on), not all white dresses are the same shade! If you have fair skin you might want to shy away from a sharp white hue. Instead, opt for something warmer. And if you have a darker complexion, most shades should work great, but you might want to first try cooler tones. In the end you want to wear what you feel most comfortable in and there are no rules, but the shade of white is something to certainly consider!

5. Where to Wear It

Finally, you want to think about what you’re buying said white dress for. And if you don’t have a specific occasion, that’s ok too! If you do, however, have an upcoming event you’d like to wear a white dress for, what is the attire? If it’s dressy you would want to steer clear of a cotton tee type dress. And if it’s a backyard BBQ, you might want to stay away from chiffon, for example. Consider the occasion so you’re on point with the attire!

And, of course, never wear white to someone else’s wedding or shower. While some brides certainly wouldn’t care in the least, you want to veer on the safe side and respect their day in case they do care. Save your LWDs for non-wedding events.

Our Favorite White Dresses

Now that you know why you need one, how to wear one, and how to shop for one, it’s time to get yourself that LWD! Browse some of our favorites below.

Your Thoughts

Do you love LWDs as much as we do? Do you have any other tips to add to the above? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

And also, we wish you a happy National Tequila Day! If you’re in Houston and looking to celebrate, be sure to check out our Houston margarita guide!

Have a great day.


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