July 11, 2018

How the Light Gets In

Wednesday Words of Wisdom: 07.11.18

Words of Wisdom

by Julie Weinstein


When it comes to the idea of perfection, it can be a pretty crippling notion. The idea of things being completely free from flaws or errors is, well, close to impossible.

And for good reason!

Yes, really.

Nothing in life is ever perfect. And it’s so important to embrace the imperfections and the impurities because in those less than perfect places is where the real beauty shines. That’s where you’ll find uniqueness and character and, at times, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Sometimes you have to look at something from a different angle or perspective to find the light, but it’s there. It always is.

And oftentimes you might even have to look more than once or read it more than once or listen to something more than once because it can be hard to find. But the light is there. The light will be there in even the most unassuming of places.


There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.

- Leonard Cohen

Even in your darkest hour and your weakest moments, there is something to feel happy about…something to smile about…something that gives you hope.

It might be something small. It might be something miniscule. But there’s always something.

When you’re going through the hard times, the times that seem far from perfect, those are the times you really have to force yourself to find the brightness, to find that light.

The more often you do this, the more habitual it will become.

Be grateful for the cracks. Be grateful for the imperfections. Because those are the things that contribute to making this life beautiful.

One More Thing

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