March 20, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About How To Wear Blush Pink

How to wear this lovely light shade of pink!

Alexis dress in NYC
blush pink dress at Pietro Nolita

All About Blush Pink

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been partial to pink. The color pink has always been a personal favorite of mine, from fuchsia to magenta to rose, raspberry, and ruby. I get it from my Granny, as she’s a pink lover too.

In the last couple years the popularity of pink has seemingly been on the rise. And pink is still one of the most on-trend colors for the season.

More specifically, blush pink has really taken center stage. If you’re wondering why that is so, there is a clear cut answer…

Why blush pink?

For the first time ever back in 2016, Pantone chose two colors of the year: rose quartz and serenity. Given that rose quartz is half of that equation, it’s no surprise that blush had such a resurgence in the fashion world. After all, blush pink is just a tad lighter than rose quartz.

How to Wear Blush Pink

This beautiful pastel color has made its way to the runways, to the streets, and into the stores. Even if you’re not one who gravitates towards color, blush might suit you very well, as it’s subdued and understated in a sophisticated, chic way. When it comes to fashion choices, there are many different ways you can wear this sought-after color.

Here, we have six different ideas for how you can incorporate blush pink into your outfits…

1. A Monochromatic Look

First, the most impactful way to wear blush pink is in a monochromatic look. Because of its beautiful muted tone, blush pink acts almost like a neutral. This makes it is a great choice for a monochromatic look.

Whether by way of a pant suit, skirt, and blouse, or a dress, you also don’t need to be afraid to pair blush accessories with the aforementioned looks. Blush on blush takes on a stylishly elegant look day or night.

2. With Other Neutrals

Secondly, consider pairing blush pink with other neutrals. In fact, think of this pale pink shade as a stand in for black, white, or gray.

Next time you grab your black on black outfit, swap out part of the outfit for its blush counterpart. Or if you’re wearing a white blouse with black bottoms, add a blush coat. Or if you’re wearing a cozy gray sweater this winter, try a blush pink hat.

3. With Other Pastels

Pastel shades are light, airy, and calming, and blush certainly fits seamlessly in there. Pairing blush with other pastels is a great way to bring the color into your look.

And while pastels are typically synonymous with spring, don’t be afraid to wear this color palette well into the fall and winter. Actually, you’ll be right on trend!

4. Bold and Daring

The color pink tends to be thought of in dainty, feminine ways, with lace being at the forefront of fabrics to go with this hue. However, step out and try a blush leather jacket, a fitted blush dress, rock stud shoes in blush, or even a blush vintage tee.

5. Dainty and Delicate

Don’t get us wrong – we still love a full-on feminine fashion moment. So, don’t feel like you ever have to shy away from that. Try blush pink on ladylike lace and bow blouses and pleated skirts.

6. Accessories Only

Alternatively, you can ease into the blush look with accessories. If you want to stick to your other neutrals for your apparel, bring out blush in your accessories. Try a blush bag or throw on a blush necklace. You can wrap yourself in a blush scarf or add a pair of blush sunnies to complete your look.

For more help with the color blush, check out these 5 tips for how to wear blush pink.

Keep reading to browse our favorite blush pink items for this season…

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As you can see, no matter what your style might be, there are endless ways to work blush into the mix. This color isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s going to continue to be front and center, and will serve as the newest neutral for years to come.


In Closing

Have you added this color into your wardrobe yet? What’s your favorite way to wear it?

Let us know! We’d love to hear. Finally, have a great day!

Photos shot by Maritere Rice at Pietro Nolita in NYC

Alexis Ellena blouson sleeve dress (also here and here) | Stuart Weitzman Troike stretch-suede over the knee boots (lower heel version here) | Stella McCartney sunglasses (I also adore these Packed Party x TOMS pink sunglasses!) | Chloe Faye bag (older; similar options here, here, and here) | OPI Suzi nails New Orleans nail polish


  1. Merritt Beck says:

    Blush is definitely a favorite color of mine for spring! Your picks are so pretty-I might have to add a few to my cart!

    xx, Merritt
    The Style Scribe

    1. The hue looks so pretty on you, M! Xo

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