October 09, 2017

This Floral Dress is the Epitome of Comfortable Elegance

I could live in this dress.

A Letter from the Editor

Written by Carrie Colbert

Hey y’all! Carrie here…

First, how have you been enjoying the content here lately? Do you like us sharing my daily looks, plus another article every day? Are you catching our afternoon articles – like this trend report by Julie, these beautifully illustrated words of wisdom, this colorful recipe by Bella, or these fashion-inspired pumpkins by Holly? I think my jaw dropped when I saw how well Holly executed these fashionable pumpkins, particularly the Gucci one!

Yep, that’s right – we are dipping our toes in the DIY waters with some fun, colorful, elevated projects. In fact, as you might have noticed, we are diversifying our content into several new areas. But never fear – we know who we are! The content will, first and foremost, always be colorful and fun! We are excited about the talented team of contributors we have assembled. Lots of exciting things in the works!

Second, speaking of excitement, there’s lots of that around here! Now, I hate to be “that person” who teases exciting things without sharing details. But it has to be that way – for just a few more weeks anyway. When I say we are excited, that is an understatement! So many game-changing things happening that our heads are spinning! Stay tuned for more info…

In the meantime, again, we truly would appreciate any and all feedback you may have for us. Good, bad – we want it all! Thanks so much for reading and being a part of the colorful community here!

Daily Look 10.09.17 : Tibi Gothic Floral Dress

Can I just live in this outfit? Seriously, the dress is the epitome of comfortable elegance!! Billowy? Check. Pockets? Check. Fantastic fall florals? Check. What’s not to love about this?

Besides the dress, the shoes are terrific and trendy too! Blush pink? Check. Velvet? Check. Faux fur pom? Check. And add comfy and affordable to the mix, too! I highly advise adding this to your fall footwear roster.

This is the kind of look that makes me smile throughout the day. Looking good and feeling great!

Coming Up

We have some great articles in store for you this week! As always, we’ll be bringing you my daily looks, as well as another trend piece, our weekly words of wisdom post, a healthy and delicious recipe, and more! So, be sure to keep checking back (twice) daily! We’ll see you back here this afternoon, with a new series we’re kicking off.


Photos by Maritere Rice; Wall details coming soon to our Austin Mural Guide

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