June 04, 2018

June Letter from the Editor

Carrie's monthly letter.

June Letter from the Editor

Hello, my color loving friends! A new month means it’s time for another letter. Can you believe it’s June already? Not only does that mean we are almost halfway through 2018 and that summer is here, that also means that my daughter turns one this week! That, my friends, is something I can’t quite wrap my head around. It seems like just yesterday I gave birth to that sweet little five pound baby.

Before I digress with a sentimental trip down motherhood memory lane, let’s get started with this month’s letter from the editor!

Looking Back

I don’t know about you, but I’ve quite enjoyed this relatively new practice of looking back at what you loved the most in the past month. It’s always quite insightful for the team and me to see which articles caught your eye or piqued your interest. There are always a few surprises in there!

So, here are the top ten — or should I say your top ten — pieces of content we published in May. This is based on page views, by the way.

What You Loved in May

1. A Guide to Houston’s Best Coffee Shops: By far, this was the most loved article of the month! This is maybe not a surprise given how much we all need / want / love our coffee, right? By the way, speaking of this coffee guide, I’ll be on live TV tomorrow talking about it! If you’re in Houston, tune into Houston Life on KPRC on Tuesday. I’ll be sharing my top five coffee shops and taste testing the coffee and treats with Courtney and Derrick!

2. 9 Style Tips for Women in Business: I’m glad y’all are liking the business series, as I am enjoying writing it! It’s something new for me to explore, so thanks for your support. In particular, this article seemed to resonate with quite a few of you. One of the most frequent requests I get is to feature more work-appropriate outfits. Do you work in an office environment? Would you like to see more work wear featured here? Let me know!

3. Dodo Bar Or Tasseled Cotton-Gauze Mini Dress in Los Angeles: Not sure if it was the awesome James Goldcrown wall or the awesome dress, but you all loved this look.

4. The 34 Food Instagram Accounts You’ll Want to Follow Immediately: I mean I understand the attraction to this one. I mean – who doesn’t like food?! Side note: One thing I am personally enjoying about these best Instagram account articles we are doing (the colorful accounts, the travel accounts, and the food accounts)? Learning about great new accounts myself! You see, we are soliciting input for these from the entire team! Of course, I retain veto power. Haha! No but really, I do review all the input and make the final selections.

5. These are the 6 Biggest Mistakes Women Make in Business: If you are a businesswoman (which I’m suspecting the majority of you are), which, if any, of these mistakes have you made? As I admit in the article, I’ve made several of these myself! Thankfully, there are countermeasures we can take!

6. 3 Easy Steps to Create the Prettiest DIY Mimosa Bar: Maybe my favorite entertaining type of post we’ve ever done. Cheers!

7. Children are Our Second Chance: a very personal, vulnerable article from me.

8. The 32 Summer Essentials You Need Right Now: We are happy to help get you summer ready!

9. Ask the Team: I love my team! I’m glad you got to know them a bit better too. And we are adding new people these days, so we will have even more people to share with you soon.

10. 9 Creative Ideas for How to Wear Burnt Orange: Hopefully, some of you (even non Texas Longhorns!) are testing out this color in your wardrobe this summer.

Collaborations in May

One other “looking back” note… You may have noticed us doing a lot of collaborations in May. Well, I’m proud to say that May was a record month for us for collaborations! We partnered with ALDI, Dunkin’ Donuts, Kettle, ModCloth, and Random House Publishing, to name a few.

Collaborations (aka sponsored content) are how we make the majority of our money here. Earning money through partnerships allows me to continue to bring you colorful content like mural guides and travel guides and food guides and all that fun stuff!

So, a big thank you for supporting those companies that support us. Reading the articles, liking the posts, clicking on the links, shopping at their stores. Those are all ways that you support us, and we appreciate it so! Thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts.

Looking Forward

Looking back always offers such interesting insights, but looking forward is really the fun part! Dreaming and making plans and setting goals… I love that stuff!

Along those lines, one thing I’ve done recently is make a summer bucket list — a list of things I hope to do this summer with Elle! Some are big things, but lots are small delights. The magic is not in the length of the list of the magnitude of the things. The magic, for me, lies simply in being intentional. Living with intention. Not just letting life happen to us. But making life happen as we wish. Time passes so quickly and our lives fill up with “busy-ness” so easily. If we aren’t careful, we miss the opportunity to make special, meaningful memories.

So, let’s not do that. Let’s live with intention.

Anyway, I was planning to share that bucket list here, but this letter is already getting too long! So, I’ll save that for another time.

Another thing on my short-term to-do list: plan a first birthday party! Wish me luck.

That’s all for now. As always, we value your input, and we love to hear your feedback. Please drop us an email, leave us a comment, or communicate with us any other way! The point is that we love hearing from you. Thanks for being a part of this colorful community.

As always… More color, please!


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