December 20, 2018

The Best Last Minute New Year's Eve Party Ideas

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New Year’s Eve

Well, we’re in the home stretch! Christmas is just a few days away and it’s just under two weeks until the ball drops and we ring in a new year. Wow. How that is possible we’re not quite sure, but what we are sure of is we’re ready to celebrate!

With work soon to be slowing down for the year, we’re looking forward to kicking back, relaxing, and celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of the next. And as we near the close of 2018, we’re thinking about New Year’s Eve plans.

Sometimes it’s fun to dress up and go all out and other times there’s nothing better than ordering in takeout and watching the ball drop from the comfort of your cozy couch. Do what makes you happy!

If you’re just now starting to think about what you’ll be doing on the 31st, look no further because we’ve pulled together 10 perfect last minute New Year’s Eve party ideas. Keep on scrolling…

The 10 Best Last Minute New Year’s Eve Party Ideas From Us and Around the Internet

1. Make it disco ball inspired

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about NYE is, of course, disco balls. And that encompasses all things shimmery and shiny and confetti filled. Pull out all the stops for a disco ball party by simply picking up silver items and mirrored pieces, and before you know it your living room will resemble a disco ball. Don’t forget your disco drinks!

2. Make it breakfast for dinner

Few things are more delicious than breakfast for dinner. Maybe even make the attire pajamas! And no breakfast or brunch is complete without mimosas, and you can quickly pull together a colorful mimosa bar in just a few steps.

3. Make it full of wine and cheese

Wine and cheese is certainly one of our all time favorite combinations. An easy party to pull together in no time flat is one that focuses on wine and cheese. Grab a bunch of bottles (have your friends bring their favorites, too!) and whip up a colorful cheese and snack board that everyone is sure to love.

4. Make it festive with coordinating cocktails

Come up with a few signature cocktails (bonus points for colorful ones!) and serve a different one every hour. You could even have your friends bring their favorite cocktails and have them dress to match. Fun and festive!

5. Make it a fondue party

It’s always a great time when the party is interactive and when your guests can help to make their food or drinks. Fondue is delicious and easy peasy!

6. Make it full of balloons

More balloons, please! You know we love balloons. You can fill up your space with balloons, including some themed ones, and you’ve immediately brought the party vibe.

7. Make it crafty

Either make some NYE headbands for your guests or buy the supplies and have it all set up and let everyone make their own as a fun activity while waiting up for the ball to drop.

8. Make it confetti filled

Second to our love for balloons would have to be our love for confetti. The more the better! Try your hand at confetti poppers or, like above, have the ingredients ready for your guests and include them in the fun.

9. Make it a cocktail party

It might sound simple, but it’s nothing less than an amazing time with a cocktail party full of all sorts of different drinks.

10. Make it sweet

A chocolate theme never hurt anyone, right? 😉 Or simply make it a dessert party, and everyone can come after their dinners. Chocolate and Chardonnay works for me!

A couple more things

Have you figured out your New Year’s Eve plans yet? Going out? Staying in? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

Have a great day!

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