February 03, 2018

Thoughts on Curated Instagram Feeds, Dry January, a Delicious Recipe, and More

Saturday Source : 02.03.18

Saturday Source

Happy February, guys! Whoa, when did that happen?! We hope you’ve had a great first month of 2018. Whatever you’re up to this weekend, we hope you have a wonderful one! Before you keep on reading for our favorite finds and links from the week, we are so excited to let you know about our Valentine’s Day bundles!

Yes, that’s right! We’re offering two different “bundles of love” that serve as the perfect gift(s) for yourself (hint hint: show this to your special someone) or for the gal pals in your life! You can check them out and purchase them here. Spoiler alert: we have made them such great values, as in 40% off the regular price!!


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Around the Internet

Huge congrats to my friends Ashley and Jared of Sugar & Cloth! In the last two weeks, they welcomed their baby Gwen and also launched a product line!

Arlo’s nursery reveal put a huge smile on my face!!!

Thought-provoking comments from my friend Elsie on the subject of curated Instagram feeds. Are we seeing a shift back to less curated feeds?

I enjoyed learning a little bit more about Amy personally.

I also enjoyed reading Shalice’s Q&A. Did you know she’s a mom of four?!

Kelly is the cutest, and I loved reading her random facts.

I recently did an IG story asking for your thoughts on the LTK app. The majority of you said you don’t necessarily use it or like when bloggers use it. I have mixed feelings on it. Valerie, though, shared some good thoughts on why she likes it so much.

Having taken the leap from corporate work to being self-employed, I appreciated reading my friend Caroline’s thoughts on this.

Grace went alcohol free in January. Read her thoughts on a dry month.

This recipe from Sage looks so delicious!

We are looking into going to Charleston this spring, and Jenn’s trip to Charleston certainly has only amped up our desire to go there!

Will has such beautifully classic design sensibilities.

Apparently being forgetful might not be such a bad thing!

What Bobbi Brown eats everyday to look and feel incredible.

When you simply have to0 much to do.


I’m such a fan of Golden Goose sneakers, and these are just perfect with the flower trim.

The weather here in Houston is seriously confusing right now, but this adorable bikini is making me crave warmer days!

Oh so pretty in this beautiful pink dress.

Because we all need a little reminder sometimes, and this t-shirt won’t let you forget.

Have you ever seen a more fabulous back to a sweater?

No offense NM, but our conversation heart cookies are way better than yours! 😉

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  1. Shalice Noel says:

    Carrie, glad you liked my Q & A! So sweet. Have a lovely weekend! Xx

  2. Thanks for sharing the link to the Instagram article on “A Beautiful Mess.” It was very helpful!

    1. Oh good! I’m glad you liked it.

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