April 05, 2018

30 Creative Ways to Wear a Rainbow of Florals

Ways to wear florals and all the pieces we're loving.

Why We’re Loving Florals in Every Color of the Rainbow

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” – Miranda Priestly

Ha ha, we had to! Can you believe it’s been twelve years since the movie The Devil Wears Prada? And surely we all know this famous oft-quoted line.

While florals may not be groundbreaking this time of year, we still can’t get enough of them! Sorry, not sorry. Right?

Truly though this season’s florals do look especially fresh. Designers are putting a modern, colorful, cool-girl spin on florals this spring.


A Rainbow of Floral Pieces

And we have scoured the internet for the best floral pieces out there, in every color of the rainbow! See below.

The Many Ways Carrie Has Worn Florals

30 Creative Ways to Wear Florals

Not only are florals available in a rainbow of colors this spring, but there are a million ways to wear them! Clearly, Carrie is a fan of frilly floral frocks and the occasional floral skirt. It goes way beyond that, though. Here are 30 creative ideas we thought of.

1. Wear a floral kimono over a t-shirt and jeans for a boho look.

2. Wear a floral dress over leggings or jeans for a fashion forward look.

3. Try a structured floral blazer to mix masculine and feminine elements.

4. Wear a floral rain jacket.

5. Wear floral shoes for an unexpected bolt of blooms.

6. Carry your flowers by hand in the form of a floral handbag.

7. Accessorize your look with floral earrings.

8. Mix florals with stripes for a classy look.

9. Mix florals with polka dots for a fun look.

10. Accent your outfit with a floral scarf.

11. Look for florals with a black or dark background for a more moody and edgy look.

12. Create contrast by pairing feminine florals with luxe leather.

13. Go full on floral with a matchy-matchy look.

14. Be bold and try your hand with mixing florals.

15. Rather than floral prints, embrace the texture of floral embroidery.

16. Top off your basic spring look with a floral necklace.

17. Go big with large-scale florals.

18. Try pants with posies for a positively perfect twist.

19. Opt for a floral shirt dress for a sophisticated, yet cool, look.

20. Jump in with a floral jumpsuit.

21. Mix florals with leopard print for a bit of an unexpected look.

22. Wear a floral dress with a floral clutch for a double dose of floral fun.

23. Add some floral enamel pins to your denim jacket.

24. Go all out Coachella with a floral crown.

25. Enjoy a nod to your school days with a floral backpack (much more chic than your school days, though!).

26. Pull out the pastels for a perfectly sweet, feminine look with florals.

27. Pair white with pastel florals for a beautiful spring look.

28. Throw on a lightweight sweater adorned with floral embroidery.

29. Try a floral coverup or bathing suit for your pool and beach days.

30. Go off the shoulder in a floral shoulder baring dress.

Your Favorites

What are you eyeing from above? What’s your favorite way to wear florals? We’d love to hear in the comments below. Have a great day!

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