2016 Colorful Gift Guide: Purple

We’re nearing the end of these fun, colorful gift guides, and we hope you’ve loved them! Today it’s all about a color I know far too well. When I was younger, I was obsessed with all things purple. And I mean obsessed. From my bedroom to my Barbie dolls’ clothes to my Jansport backpack and beyond, it was a purple world, and I was certainly living in it. These days, purple is showcased in such an elevated, stylish way, and we love it.

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And, with that, let’s talk purple…

13 Purple Gift Ideas We Love

1. Thierry Lasry Chromaty Sunglasses : As we’ve mentioned in a couple of the previous gift guides, a great pair of sunglasses is always a smart choice when it comes to gifts. You can never own too many, and these translucent, chunky, acetate ones are fabulous.

2. Lilac Dot Sleep Mask : If you want to get someone a luxe looking and feeling item that won’t break the bank, a sleep mask like this one is the way to go. It would also make a perfect stocking stuffer for any gal in your life.

3. Eberjey Gisele Short Pajama Set : The softest, most comfy PJs around, you’ll want to get a pair of these for your mom or sister. We especially love this deep eggplant color!

4. Impossible Project x UO Custom Color One Step Camera : There’s something so fun and special about a polaroid camera. It’s also one of those items someone might not think to purchase for themselves, but would love to receive. Plus, it’s a really neat way to capture holiday memories.

5. Purple Matches : For the candle lovers in your life, get them a set of colored matches because they look so fabulous out on a coffee table, and they are much more exciting than regular old matches. Another great stocking stuffer idea!

6. Dot Silk Tie : A tie is always a good gift idea for the guy in your life. He can never own too many, and at under $20, this beautiful one would make an ideal stocking stuffer or gift add on.

7. ‘Wrap Object’ Sculpture : How beautiful is this piece? It would look incredible out on a coffee table or on a bookshelf as a book end. Personally, I want this for my home office!

8. Lavender Essential Oil : To go along with the cozy slipper booties, soft eye mask, and comfy PJs, lavender essential oil will top off your perfect night of sleep. Whether dabbing a bit on your pillow or putting it in a diffuser, the aroma alone is enough to take you to a zen like place. Indeed, your gift recipient will be thrilled to receive this.

9. Yves Saint Laurent Couture Palette Eyeshadow : A bit of a luxe beauty item, but worth every penny. How beautiful are the colors in this palette? Swoon.

10. Beautyblender ‘Royal’ Original Makeup Sponge Applicator : This tops my list as one of the very best products I own. It works wonders. It helps make your makeup go on flawless, and any beauty junkie in your life might already own it, but would still LOVE to receive another. Furthermore, it makes an ideal stocking stuffer.

11. Slipper Bootie : Chilly days and chillier nights call for all things cozy, including these slipper booties. Turn on the fireplace, pour a glass of wine, and slip into these. It’s a gift anyone would adore.

12. Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish : Have you tried the Gel Couture line from Essie yet? It’s incredible. Not only are the colors gorgeous (look at this purple!!), but it lasts for a couple weeks!

13. Lululemon Flow & Go Tight : Unless we’re dressed up for a photo shoot or an event, you’ll more than likely find us in Lululemon head to toe. And can you blame us? Everything Lululemon is of the very best quality, oh so comfortable, and ever so stylish. These purple leggings are no exception.

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One More Thing

Are you a fan of the color purple? Anything you’re eyeing from above? Let us know in the comments below!


Graphics by Ashley Cardoza; image by Maritere Rice

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  1. sheri says:

    HI Carrie,
    Those slippers booties look perfect for these cold Canadian winters 🙂


  2. Erin says:

    Purple has always been a favorite!?? These are great gift ideas, Carrie! Thanks! xo

  3. Karla says:

    Purple is my favorite color. All of the items are super unique but my fave is the lilac camera. Gotta capture those sweet moments in life!?

  4. Elissa says:

    The relaxation bundle including the PJs, essential oil and night mask are my “triple crown!”

  5. Alex Rocha says:

    I’ll take one of everything!! Purple is my favorite color 🙂

  6. alicia szemon says:

    I love the lulu lemon leggings! so cute for working out!

  7. Casi Selph says:

    Purple is one of my favorite colors! Love the sunnies, pj’s, makeup pallet, slipper booties, nail polish, and workout outfit! Lavender Essential Oil just happens to be one of my favorites too?

  8. Isabella says:

    Purple leggings! To die for! This is the best gift list!

  9. Stephanie says:

    My Grandma’s favorite color! Eberjey pajamas? Uh yes please!!! It has been on my list for awhile now. Lavender essential oils are so good for you. Great idea for the guide. YSL makeup is amazing!! Essie has such fantastic colors. Lululemon is a must.

  10. Aubrey says:

    I have to agree with the camera making the perfect gift and that lilac color is just ??. My grandpa had a big thing for purple and there’s a line from a poem that says “When I am old, I shall wear purple and do as I please”, I’ve always loved that ?

  11. Lisa says:

    Thierry sunglasses-perfect purple idea for bright snowy days

  12. Sydney says:

    Okay that purple polaroid is just too cute! and lavender yes!! My photographer is obsessed with purple so this is the perfect list for her!

  13. Lisa Phillips says:

    Of the purple I would choose Impossible Project x UO Custom Color One Step Camera
    I got my daughter thretaliated fuji insta pix camera, and I like the design of this one better, looks like the old school Polaroid ones.

  14. Madison says:

    Love #3 purple nightgown!! Looks super comfy and it’s so cute!

  15. Nikki C. says:

    Oh wow, I absolutely love that Impossible Project x UO Custom Color One Step Camera! I’ve honestly ALWAYS wanted a polaroid camera, and the old ones are even better looking! (I am very into antiques and vintage! I love thrift shopping.) So I love that it kept the original polaroid design, but the beautiful purple pastel color gives it a modern 21st century twist which is TOO cute!

  16. Megan says:

    Loving those lulu leggings. Athleisure is definitely a must at the holidays!

  17. Chloe R says:

    Never thought of gifting essential oils. It would be fun to gift a rainbow of essential oils. The leggings are a good idea too- might have to put those on my own list. One of my favorite color lists so far.

  18. Holly says:

    Loving the pajamas and matches! I’m not sure why I haven’t before, because they’re not that big of a splurge, but I really should give in and buy some to replace my ugly gas station lighter for candles.

  19. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    I am in a Meredith over the
    SkLO’s “Wrap Object” sculpture. It amazes me that it is handcrafted of a single mouth-blown purple glass tube wound into a free-form shape.

  20. Ruthie says:

    Love the lululemon leggings.

  21. Cindy says:

    Lululemon leggings for my daughter. She will love them.

  22. Manda Shank says:

    My sister adores purple

  23. Michele says:

    The pajama set is a great gift idea, thank you for sharing!

  24. Annie says:

    I adore lavender essential oil, add it to the face cream and hair oil.

  25. Carolyn says:

    Lululemon is my jam, but I have a hard time thinking outside of the “black-leggings-only-because-they-match-with-everything” box. May have to live dangerously and purchase these!

  26. JessZ says:

    Those pajamas and booties would make a great gift for my mother- who I still need to shop for. Thanks for the great ideas!

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