July 03, 2018

The Top 5 Colors to Wear This Summer

Red, blush, burnt orange, yellow, blue

Top 5 Colors to Wear This Summer

Well, we are certainly in the heat of summer, aren’t we? At least it feels that way here in Texas. And sometimes in the heat of summer, fashion trends can go out the window. All that matters is comfort. Am I right? Do you feel what I’m saying? Well, even when you are just trying to beat the heat, you can stay on-trend and stylish this summer by wearing the right colors. Yes, indeed, if there’s one thing we have our pulse on, that’s color trends in fashion.

Today, we’re here to share with you the top five colors you should be wearing this summer. Plus, we have tips for how to rock each of these colors like a pro! So, keep reading to gain some color confidence for this sunny season!

1. Red

You might initially see red and think Valentine’s Day or Christmas, but red is, well, red hot this summer! Are you feeling hot, hot, hot? Well, try this color that’s just as bold and vibrant as you! It’s a powerful color, representing excitement and energy. And what season embodies excitement and energy more than summer? Indeed, summer is full of positive, cheerful, adventurous energy. Besides, red also the color of strawberries, which we certainly can’t get enough of this time of year.

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2. Blush Pink

This softest shade of pink is one of our very favorite colors. Blush, blush pink, millennial pink…  whatever you want to call it, it is a pastel hue that is most definitely not reserved solely for spring and Easter. Blush can really act as a neutral, as it goes with almost anything in your closet, yet still has that feminine flair we love. With it being one of the colors of the year a couple years back (rose quartz to be exact), it still remains at center stage. We simply adore this sweet shade!

Blush pink is here to stay for a long while, so we suggest you get acquainted with this color and how to wear it asap!

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3. Burnt Orange

Maybe not an obvious choice, but burnt orange has gained momentum this year. Runways and celebrities and street style stars back us up on this. Burnt orange is trending! And we are here for it – and not just because I’m a Texas Longhorn.

Now, I understand that this color can be tricky to pull off, particularly in summertime. But don’t worry – we’ve got ya covered.

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4. Yellow

Would this list be complete without yellow? Absolutely not! The color of the sun and the happiest color out there, yellow screams summer year after year. It can instantly boost your mood simply by putting on a yellow article of clothing, and it’s guaranteed to bring smiles to those around you, too.

Let it be known that we are not merely suggesting a mellow yellow. Heck no! Bring on the bold, bright version of this color. Shine like the sunshine!

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5. Blue

With blue being the color of both the sky and the ocean, it can immediately have a calming effect on a person. And this time of year, we’re all about spending hours outside and by the water, so blue is certainly a color we gravitate towards. Whether dark or light, blue evokes a serene feeling, indeed.

In pulling this resource on summer color together, we realized that we have not yet compiled a guide on how to wear blue. So, hint hint, that will now be forthcoming soon. For now, take a look at how to wear this color with red and white.

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In Closing

Well, there you have it… Simply and straightforward, our saturated sartorial selections for this sun-drenched season.

Now, if you have to vote for your favorite of these five, for which color would you cast your vote? Or is there a different color that you are wearing on repeat this summer. Let us know!

Thanks, as always, for reading.

More color, please!


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