December 05, 2018

13 Ways to Bring More Tradition Into Your Life This Month

We're all about traditions.


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but each month we have gotten into somewhat of a routine of writing an article like this at the beginning of the month. When the word of the month was cozy, we wrote about 28 ways to make your life and home more cozy. When the word of the month was empowerment, we wrote about 21 ideas for empowered living. These articles have started to serve as our initial brainstorming of ideas for the month. They are a good jumping off point for our monthly theme.

With that in mind, while planning out December content, most of it being centered around tradition, we as a team have been thinking about the traditions we have in our own lives, around the holidays and throughout the entire year. What was interesting to notice is that many of us have traditions that we didn’t even necessarily call traditions. Many of us partake in events and activities each year that we’ve been doing for the past several years. Well, technically, if you’re doing something repeatedly each year, it can be seen as a tradition. So I guess we all have more traditions in our lives than we maybe think.

Indeed, a tradition is defined like this:

Tradition: the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation

Of course, traditions play an even bigger role over the holidays. Holidays spent with dear friends and family have a deeper meaning than just a regular day, so these traditions mean that much more, even the simplest of ones.

We hope you’ll join us this month in bringing more tradition into your life! Below you’ll find 13 ways to bring more tradition into your life all December long and beyond.

13 Ways to Bring More Tradition Into Your Life This Month

1. Wear matching pajamas with your family.

2. Create a holiday bucket list and check off as many items as you can on it.

3. Put together a photo album with photos from the year.

4. Have friends over for wine and games.

5. Start a monthly “supper club” with your closest friends.

6. Or start a monthly “coffee talk” with your closest friends.

7. Take a weekly (or monthly) digital detox.

8. Document days in your life – or even try your hand at December Daily this month!

9. Create a gratitude jar.

10. Have a weekly family pizza night.

11. Set aside a day in December ever year to make DIY ornaments with friends or family (see ours from last year here).

12. Switch off hosting game night with friends every month (see a fun and delicious twist on ours here).

13. Read the scriptures together as a family during the holiday season.

Your Traditions

Does this help jumpstart how you think of traditions both this month and throughout the year? Truly, traditions are powerful as a way to make us feel connected and give us a sense of belonging.

Now, we’d love to hear some of the ways you plan to bring more tradition into your life this month. Please share in the comments below.

Have a great day!

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