September 18, 2018

Gen Z Yellow: What It Is & 26 Fresh Ways to Wear It

Millenial pink has been replaced by Gen Z yellow!

Trending : Gen Z Yellow

Move over, millennial pink. There’s a new buzzed-about color in town. Have you heard the news? Gen Z yellow has taken the world by storm. Yellow has become all the rage. And not just in fashion.

Now, I have to admit that when I first started seeing this moniker floating around, I was skeptical. First of all, who is Gen Z? And why are they claiming this color? And what color is it exactly?

Well, just in case you have similar questions, here’s what I’ve since learned… Gen Z is composed over individuals born from 1995 to 2014. Much to her surprise, our wonderful college intern Alex is a Gen Z! (Prior, she had self-identified as a millennial.)

Next question: Is this Gen Z yellow really a thing, or is it just a bunch of hype – a made-up marketing stunt of sorts? Facts are facts, and Gen Z yellow has facts on its side! Remember when Pantone named ultra violet as the 2018 color of the year? Well, Gen Z yellow is kicking ultra violet’s butt! Indeed, a consumer sales report shows that sales of yellow items have doubled this year! Retailers are selling out of yellow more than any other color.

Now, this begs the question: what color are we talking about exactly? Well, no one knows precisely. There is no exact Pantone shade or CMYK color formula. Rather, the term seems to refer to any number of saturated yellow shades. Gen Z yellow refers to a spectrum of bold bright yellow.

Why Is Gen Z Yellow Trending?

Well, let’s first take a look at how long this color has been around… It turns out Man Repeller is largely credited with being the first to write about it – back in August 2017. In fact, we’ve loved this color for a while now. At the risk of tooting our own horn, we’d like to point out that we first started pushing this golden yellow way back in March 2017.

Furthermore, as you may recall, we launched a new feature this month where we pick a color and word in focus for the month. September’s focus is on both the color yellow and the word happiness.

And that leads into this brief diatribe on why I personally think Gen Z yellow is trending now… 

Why is Gen Z yellow trending?

Simply put, we could all use a jolt of happiness in our lives these days.

It’s easy to look around these days and feel as if the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Seemingly, chaos and uncertainty surround us right now. So, while this yellow shade has been percolating in the background for a while, I believe it is now emerging in full force as a visual counter punch to the figurative gray skies that envelop the times in which we live.

Optimism is critical to our mood, health, relationships, and overall well-being. So, why not boldly bring in the color that most represents that? When you wear the color yellow you can’t help but smile. As cheesy as it may sound, it’s true! And it’ll bring about a sense of merriment to those you come in contact with.

With all that being said, keep on reading for 26 ways to wear yellow along with some of our favorite pieces you can shop right now!

26 Ways to Wear Yellow

1. Wear a yellow tee with a colorful cardigan + denim skirt + sneakers

Find this look here.

2. Wear yellow on yellow on yellow

Find this look here.

3. Wear yellow earrings

Find this look here.

4. Wear yellow booties

Find this look here.

5. Wear a yellow dress

Find this look here.

6. Wear a yellow chunky sweater

Find this look here.

7. Wear a yellow printed matching set

Find this look here. See other matching sets here.

8. Wear a yellow belt and heels

Find this look here.

9. Wear a yellow gingham dress with a denim jacket

Find this look here.

10. Wear a yellow camisole and bag

Find this look here.

11. Wear a yellow blouse with denim

Find this look here.

12. Wear yellow pants with a graphic tee

Find this look here.

13. Wear a dress with a yellow print

Find this look here.

14. Wear a yellow skirt with a white blouse

Find this look here.

15. Wear a colorfully striped dress that includes yellow

Find this look here.

16. Wear a yellow suit

Find this look here.

17. Wear a colorful skirt and accessories with pops of yellow

Find this look here.

18. Wear a yellow pleated skirt

Find this look here.

19. Wear a printed yellow maxi dress

Find this look here.

20. Wear a yellow blouse with a trench coat

Find this look here.

21. Wear a colorful dress with a lighter yellow bag

Find this look here.

22. Wear a yellow blazer with jeans

Find this look here.

23. Wear a rainbow sweater and shoes with pops of yellow

Find this look here.

24. Wear a yellow bag

Find this look here.

25. Wear a yellow sweater with a pair of novelty jeans

Find this look here.

26. Wear a yellow coat

Find this look here.

40 Yellow Favorites

Your Thoughts

So, do you feel empowered to live, think, and dress with more yellow? What are your thoughts on yellow? Do you love it as much as we do? Anything you’re eyeing from above or from our yellow favorites page? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

We challenge you to bring the hue of happiness into your life in some way this week. Whether it be through flowers, through an entire outfit, or through a simple accessory, invite the shade of sunshine into your soul! You just might be surprised at how much more you smile.

Have a great day!


  1. Tegan Davis says:

    Been loving this trend, feel like it has some length. With the right pieces and accents it can be so many seasons. We did our 2017 Christmas cards with the color and everyone loved the pop of color without being cliche Christmas. And +++ on the rich colors over the neons! Bring it on! 💛💛💛

    1. I just love hearing from you, Tegan! Thanks for chiming in. Xo

  2. Jenn Lake says:

    Thanks so much for including my post, Carrie! Happy Tuesday!

    1. Have course! Hope you had a “golden” day.

  3. Cayla says:

    The best part is these “gold” accessories are perfect for football season – green and gold for the Baylor Bears!!

    1. There ya go! Great idea, Cayla. Sic ’em. Isn’t that what y’all say? Haha. 😛

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