December 11, 2018

The Best Ways to Wear Red

Here are our 5 favorite ways.

The Best Ways to Wear Red

The Power of Color

As we well know by now, colors can have a huge impact on our moods, our emotions, and our overall well being. Last month we talked about the dynamic color of orange, the month before that it was all about the strong color of peacock, and the month before that it was all eyes on the happy color of yellow.

This month it’s all about the powerful color of red.

While this might be a predictable choice for December’s color, we couldn’t help but choose it. Yes, of course it makes us think about all things Christmas and joyful and merry, but it also makes us think about power and passion and radiance and determination and energy. In addition, red always makes me think of my days growing up in Perryton, Texas. In school, we were known as the Perryton Rangers, and our school colors were red and white. In fact, a lot of our cheers and chants referred to “raging red.”

So, red is an interesting color… It can represent passionate love or raging anger. It is nothing if not bold and intense! You don’t often see the hue and think quiet thoughts. It typically makes one feel awake and alive. It’s a show stopping color whether in apparel or home decor.

How to Wear Red

You might remember a while back we talked about the secret to wearing red. And that secret is to wear red with confidence. While that might sound fairly simple, it’s true! Half of the battle when wearing red is to simply put it on and own it! Find yourself red pieces that make you feel good. Look for silhouettes and fabrics that are flattering for your body, and then rock the eye catching red and don’t question it even for a second!

In terms of the best ways to wear any shade of red, we have five tried and true ways we swear by and love, so keep on reading. And don’t forget to check out our color of the month boutique here.

The Best Ways to Wear Red

1. Wear red with the rainbow

This one is a no brainer for us! Simply pick out rainbow pieces (our personal favorite!), and accent your look with some red! ROYGBIV plus a shot of red is a happy, powerful, winning combo.

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2. Wear a red outer layer

This is another easy option, as you simply throw on a red jacket or blazer or cardigan over whatever you’re wearing, and you’ve instantly elevated your entire look.

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3. Wear red accessories

If you aren’t ready to fully embrace the boldness of red, that’s ok, too. You can wear the color in smaller ways, such as your bag, your jewelry, or red shoes. Red accessories are the perfect way to complement a look.

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4. Wear a red dress

Whether a solid colored dress or one with prints and patterns, a red dress is vivacious and stylish and it’s the perfect pop for your red outfit.

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5. Wear it as part of plaid

Plaid is always a good idea, but especially during the holiday season. Red is the perfect accent to go along with tartan plaid.

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Your thoughts

What are your thoughts on red? Do you love it as much as we do? Let us know what you’re eyeing from above in the comments.

Have a great day!


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