September 20, 2018

28 Ways to Bring Happiness Into Your Life This Month

More happiness, please!

More happiness, please!

Often we find ourselves going through the daily rat race of life without engaging in life and being present in all that life has to offer. It’s not uncommon in this current era of “busy.” Everyone is busy. Busier than ever, in fact. Or so it seems.

And it’s so important to take time each and every day (multiple times each day even!) to take time to look around and feel the moment you’re in and be present in even the smallest of tasks.

Furthermore, it’s necessary to actively bring forth happiness into your life in big and small ways. Yes, you might be happy day to day, but happiness is one of those things you can never have too much of in your life. I think we all can use more happiness, especially these days.

Below are 28 ways to bring happiness into your life this month. The year is speeding on by; make sure to savor each and every moment!

28 Ways to Bring Happiness Into Your Life This Month

1. Buy some fresh flowers and make an arrangement at home.

2. Create a seasonal bucket list.

3. Throw a dinner party with your girlfriends.

4. Make a unicorn ice cream sundae.

5. Enjoy coffee at home with friends.

6. Have mimosas on a lazy weekend morning.

7. Pull out your favorite cereal and make a yummy snack with it.

8. Try your hand at bullet journaling.

9. Turn off all your electronic devices for a whole day.

10. Plan a solo trip.

11. Discover some new blogs to read.

12. Bring more yellow into your wardrobe.

13. Scout out the colorful walls in your city and snap some photos.

14. Meet friends for margaritas.

15. Invite your friends over for a lovely ladies lunch.

16. Take 10 minutes to meditate.

17. Focus on the good.

18. Be present in the moment.

19. Plan a mom’s day out.

20. Reconnect with your long distance friends.

21. Preserve good memories through photos and words.

22. Grab a great book to read this fall.

23. Give yourself a massage.

24. Handwrite a letter to someone just to say hello.

25. Try your hand at a new hobby.

26. Try a new workout class.

27. Sleep in on a weekend morning and have a lazy day just for yourself.

28. Pamper yourself whether at home or out at a spa.

One more thing

We’d love to hear how you bring more happiness into your life, and if you do anything from above, be sure to let us know! Have a great day.

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